Dick McAlister

Demigod of Dreams



Dick McAlister
Player: Nicklaus
Calling: Harbinger of Doom
Nature: Trickster
Pantheon: Tuatha
God: Lugh


Physical Social Mental
Strength: 4 Charisma: 5 Perception: 3
Epic: 4 Epic: 4 Epic: 3
Dexterity: 5 Manipulation: 5 Intelligence: 5
Epic: 4 Epic: 4 Epic: 4
Stamina: 3 Appearance: 4 Wits: 5
Epic: 3 Epic: 4 Epic: 4


Academics: 2 Crafts: Melee:
Animal Ken: Crafts: Occult: 5
Art: 5 Writing Crafts: Politics: 2
Art: 3 Singing Empathy: 3 Presence: 5
Athletics: 3 Fortitude: 1 Science:
Awareness: 2 Integrity: 3 Science:
Brawl: 5 Investigation: 2 Science:
Command: 5 Larceny: 1 Stealth: 1
Control: 1 Land Marksmanship: 5 Survival:
Control: Medicine: 2 Thrown:


Associated Attribute Knack Name Description
Appearance Come Hither Some Scions are so beautiful you can’t help but be drawn to them, and a Scion with this Knack makes that compelling attraction inescapable. Whether she beckons across a crowded room, emails a picture of herself along with an invitation or sends a picture message from her phone with the text caption “GYAOH,” the object of her desire makes all due haste to reach her. The Scion’s player spends a Legend point, and she must single out one recipient at a time. The intended target must be able to see an image of the Scion, he must understand that the message is intended for him, and he must have a reasonable idea of how to find her. Scions whose Epic Appearance represents divine ugliness cannot use this Knack. Also, it doesn’t work on beautiful Scions with more dots of Epic Appearance than the one using the Knack.
Appearance Meet Me Backstage Better than simply drawing someone to his side, a Scion with this Knack can give a meaningful glance, a casual wave or a whispered hint and cause a subject to go somewhere at the Scion’s discretion. The star-struck victim tries to move to a nearby room, balcony, Jacuzzi or other spot as instructed, in hopes that the Scion will soon arrive. The power of the Knack does all of the convincing. The Scion’s player simply spends one Legend point and picks a single recipient, as with the Come Hither Knack. As usual, the intended recipient must be able to see an image of the Scion, must understand that the message is for her and must have a reasonable idea of how to find him. Meet Me Backstage doesn’t interrupt a subject’s self-preservation any more than Come Hither does: While the subject makes all due haste to reach the appointed meeting place, “due haste” doesn’t mean “die along the way.” Nevertheless, this Knack is excellent for discreet rendezvous as well as setting up a poor sap for a beat-down party. Scions whose Epic Appearance represents divine ugliness cannot use this Knack. Also, it doesn’t work on beautiful Scions with more dots of Epic Appearance than the one using the Knack.
Appearance Perfect Actor The Scion can put on an emotional display so convincing that anyone who can see him clearly enough, and in person, to read his emotion feels that same emotion just as strongly as the Scion seems to. That emotional state lasts for the rest of the scene. When the effect wears off, the affected victims are unable to explain what came over them, and are likely embarrassed by letting their feelings run away with them like that. Activating this Knack costs one Willpower, and it works whether the Scion is beautiful or awful.
Appearance Serpent’s Gaze When the Scion spends a point of Legend, the person whom she’s trying to affect locks eyes with her and is unable to look away. For combat purposes, the victim is rendered Inactive until the Scion breaks eye contact. The Scion can still act, but she must take a second action in order to do so, maintaining eye contact as a diceless action. (As a result, she suffers a – 2 penalty for any other action she takes.) This Knack works equally well whether the Scion’s Epic Appearance involves beauty or its opposite. Characters of lesser Legend are unable to break the Scion’s gaze on their own, but those with an equal or greater Legend are not so vulnerable. After the Scion using the Knack takes one full action, the equal – or higher-Legend victim may spend a point of Willpower to negate the effect. In so doing, he remains immune to the effect from the same Scion for the rest of the scene.
Charisma Blame James Some Scions are just too likable to take the heat. When the Scion invokes Boys Will Be Boys in order to calm the anger of an authority figure after a disaster, the player can choose to spend two additional Legend points and invoke Blame James as well. Then, the Scion just glances at someone else, makes a brief comment about “Well, it wasn’t my idea…” or somehow gives the impression that the narrowly-averted trouble was the result of someone else’s malfeasance. So impressive is the Scion’s demeanor that the disciplinary authority figure becomes convinced that the named individual had something to do with the event, and is in some way culpable. This Knack only functions if the use of Boys Will Be Boys also functioned; if that attempt fails, then this Knack also fails, although the Legend points are still spent
Charisma Charmer With the sheer, raw charm this Knack represents, the Scion can smother an upwelling of panic, suspicion or utter hatred directed at her for one scene. The player need only spend a point of Legend. One scene is usually long enough to convince a person that it would be in his best interest to help the character, but it’s up to the Scion (and the player’s roleplaying) to actually say the right words. During the scene in which this Knack is in effect, the suppressed emotion doesn’t go away. It merely remains beneath the surface. If the Scion can’t set the person’s mind at ease by scene’s end, the suppressed emotion returns in full force the next time the Scion leaves the affected person’s presence.
Charisma Engender Love Being able to charm someone is always helpful, but it doesn’t always make getting what you want from that person easy. A charmed person can still think clearly, question one’s motives and turn someone down if something about what she’s saying doesn’t feel quite right. Not so the person affected by this Knack. The character who uses it spends one Legend point as his player rolls (Charisma + Presence + Legend). The victim’s player contests this effect with a (Willpower + Integrity + Legend) roll. If the victim’s roll fails to garner the necessary successes, the victim falls madly, unquestioningly in love with the user of the Knack for a number of days equal to the user’s threshold successes. The victim is blindly enthralled and will do anything in her power to please the object of her affection. This Knack works regardless of the relative Legend disparity between the user and his victim. Using it unwisely against a more powerful character is ill advised, however. Fool Odin once, shame on him. Fool him twice, wolves on you.
Charisma Girls Just Wanna Have Fun This Knack, alternatively known as Boys Will Be Boys, is a character’s trusty Get Out of Jail Free card. When the character gets into trouble with some angry witness or authority figure—be it the police, a mortal parent, one’s long-suffering spouse, etc.—he need only shrug haplessly, grin foolishly or do likewise. (His player also spends a point of Legend.) At that, the offended party decides that whatever the character did wasn’t really that bad. The character gets a slap on the wrist, a stern warning or no punishment at all, depending on when he chooses to use it. This Knack doesn’t work on anyone with a higher Legend rating, though. Also, if the character wants to use it against someone with an equal Legend rating, his player must roll (Charisma + Presence + Legend) against a roll of the potential victim’s (Willpower + Integrity + Legend).
Dexterity Omnidexterity The Scion functionally has “two right hands”. The Scion can use either hand with equal facility and also suffers no penalties when trying to manipulate an object with his tongue or his toes; even while using some other contorted body part, the Scion suffers only half the usual penalties (rounded down) for the awkwardness of the situation. While the Scion still can’t perform something physically impossible (there’s no way to fit his calf muscle through the trigger guard of a pistol to fire it, for instance), just about any amount of wiggle room is sufficient for the Scion to manipulate objects in surprising ways. The Scion could hang from a tree branch by his toes (perhaps in emulation of Sun Wukong) or could use his tongue to hold a pair of probes and thereby pick a lock. If the Scion manages to gain new and different natural appendages, say by assuming the form of an octopus via the Animal Purview, then his new appendages also benefit from Omnidexterity. Artificial “appendages,” such as a chain or a ruler with a sticky piece of tape on the end, do not gain this benefit, although the Scion could certainly wield such a tool via his hand, foot, mouth or stranger combination of limbs.
Dexterity Perfect Partner The character with this Knack is extremely good at modifying her movements—be they gross or subtle— to coordinate perfectly with other people. This Knack comes in handy in the ballroom, the bedroom, even the thick of battle. The first two applications might not come up as often in play, but they shouldn’t be discounted out of hand. The dance performance of two characters with this Knack would put the best work of Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers to shame. The sexual prowess of a character with this Knack would be legendary all on its own. The third application of this Knack makes coordinating assaults (see Scion: Hero, p. 190) that much easier. Using it, a character can attach herself to any coordinated assault she sees fit, without the player of the person coordinating the assault having to include the character in the dice roll to do so. If the character with this Knack wants to coordinate her attack with only one other person, neither of them even has to make a roll to do so. As long as they act at the same time and attack the same target, they are coordinated by default.
Dexterity Photographic Penmanship With the expenditure of a point of Legend and a point of Willpower, the character can draw, paint or otherwise create a two-dimensional image with the clarity of a high-end digital camera. Anything he has seen and can remember clearly enough, he can reproduce on a page exactly as it looks in his mind’s eye. The base expenditure allows the character to create an image (or part of one) that is one yard square. Expanding the image beyond those dimensions costs one additional Legend point per square yard. The character need not add additional square yards to an image as consecutive actions if he runs low on (or out of) Legend points. As long as he continues his work in an adjacent square-yard space, he can pick up where he left off for only a single Legend point. As a side effect of having this Knack, the character becomes a master forger of signatures and works of art.
Dexterity Trick Shooter Not only do the Scion’s Epic Dexterity bonus successes add to (Dexterity + Marksmanship) dice rolls, he now doubles the bonus he receives from taking an Aim action (see p. 190) as well. What’s more, the player ignores the difficulty penalty for the character to either disarm an opponent with a ranged special attack or mark his opponent without causing damage. (See “Special Attacks” on p. 199.) A character must take an Aim action in order to be able to ignore such penalties, though. If a character fires from the hip or blazes away in a cordite-reeking, brass-raining, muzzle-strobing gunfight, only the regular bonus successes from his Epic Dexterity apply.
Intelligence Fight With Your Head A Scion with this Knack possesses a truly superhuman sense of strategy. He anticipates an enemy’s evasions, counter-strategies and gambits with ease. He can reason around a berserker’s shock and awe or calculate a dodging foe’s final location to slip past that foe’s defenses. He can find just the right angle to slip from an opponent’s grasp, and he can see through feints and other ploys with ease. The Scion activates this Knack by selecting an opponent and spending one point of Legend. For the rest of the scene, he counteracts the automatic successes, bonus dice and similar benefits conferred by other Knacks and Boons. The total number of such bonuses counteracted cannot exceed the Scion’s automatic success from Epic Intelligence. This Knack can negate bonuses from Knacks and Boons, as well as automatic successes and bonuses from Epic Attributes themselves. It does not affect stunt bonuses or extra dice from invoking Virtues. If an opponent receives more bonuses than a Scion can counteract, the user of this Knack picks what he will negate. This Knack might seem an odd one to include in a book about the Norse and their Gods. In truth, despite their famed fury and aggression, Norse warriors valued a cunning fighter at least as much as a frenzied powerhouse.
Intelligence Instant Translation As regards the spoken word, this Knack provides much the same benefit as its prerequisite. Yet where Language Mastery requires that the character listen for a while to get a sense of the strange language’s ebb and flow, this Knack allows the character to understand anything that is said to him in any language the moment it is spoken. Where this Knack truly surpasses its prerequisite is that it allows the character to read any written language with which he isn’t familiar, even if it’s written in characters that are completely alien to him. He can’t automatically write with perfect fluency in a new language he can speak or has read, but his written vocabulary is as broad as every word in that language that he has read.
Intelligence Language Mastery The Scion can understand any language that is spoken to him. Once he’s heard a few sentences, he can then speak that language back as if he grew up among native speakers. Writing the language is a bit trickier, as he can only transliterate his written words in the alphabet of his native language until someone teaches him the alphabet and punctuation of the new language. For instance, say a Scion with this Knack whose native language is English has picked up French at Orly Airport in Paris and would like to leave a thank-you note for a bartender who gave him helpful information. That Scion might write, “Mare- see du mah-vay zayday,” to express his thanks, when what he really means is, “Merci de m’avez aidé.” Likewise, reading the new language can be difficult if that language uses characters that don’t appear in an alphabet with which he is already familiar.
Intelligence Teaching Prodigy Get an NPC to your ranking -1 in an ability in a single montage.
Manipulation Overt Order Sometimes, the direct method is more effective than the cleverest of intricate schemes. With this Knack, a Scion barks out a command that the target must obey. Doing so costs one Willpower, and the command must be one the Scion can give and the victim can perform in a single action. “Freeze!” is acceptable, as is, “Don’t shoot!” or, “Shoot him!” Ordering someone to go home and shoot his wife won’t work because doing so would take longer than a single action. A victim of this Knack can interpret the command loosely to make it not directly suicidal, but not if all he’s trying to do is keep out of trouble. For example, if a victim draws a gun and the Scion commands him to shoot himself, the victim can shoot himself in the hand or the foot rather than blowing his own brains out. Same thing goes if a Scion uses this Knack at a seedy pool hall to command a smarmy drug dealer to pick a fight with a burly ex-con at the next table. The dealer might reasonably believe that the ex-con could kill him, but he still can’t weasel out of the command. He doesn’t have to walk up and take a swing at the guy, but he still has to do something, such as singing out a racial slur or throwing a beer bottle at the guy’s girlfriend. The dealer can cheese it immediately, but he’s still got to pick the fight first.
Manipulation Stench of Guilt This Knack gives a Scion an insight into the workings of a victim’s mind. If the Scion hears a topic come up while the victim is speaking that reminds the victim of a misdeed he’s keeping secret, the Scion senses the presence of that secret. The victim needn’t feel guilty about the wrongs he’s done, but as long as he’s taken, or is taking, pains to hide them, the Scion catches on. This Knack can’t reveal what secret the victim hides, nor does it point out specifically what was said in the conversation that reminded him of the transgression. Conversational context is usually enough for a crafty Scion to figure out where to start looking, though.
Manipulation Secondhand Persuasion With this Knack, a character spends a point of Legend and becomes able to use her Epic Manipulation through the typed or written word. She must specifically address her attempted persuasion through a Manipulation-based roll to a single person—whether it’s in an e-mail, a registered letter or just a piece of graffiti with the victim’s name attached—and the person resists with the standard (Willpower + Integrity + Legend) roll. The written communication gets only one chance to supernaturally influence its victim, and the victim gets only one chance to resist, regardless of how many times the victim might read the missive thereafter.
Manipulation Takes One To Know One Liars and tricksters know their own. If some matchstick man tries to run a scam, Scions with this Knack know exactly what sort of person they’re dealing with. Whenever the Scion hears a person knowingly tell a lie, the Scion is automatically aware of the deception. This Knack doesn’t reveal what the truth actually is. Nor does it work on text written by someone who knows it’s false or when someone speaks untrue words in a language the Scion does not understand.
Perception Parallel Attention The more sensations a character can experience, the easier it is to be overwhelmed by them. If he doesn’t learn to focus his mind on one sound, one image, one sensation to the exclusion of all others, he can all too easily be carried away by the riot and cacophony all around him. With this Knack, a character need never worry about such a thing. He can divide his attention equally between every source of input to which he is exposed, to the detriment of none. He could absorb and comprehend every conversation in a room. He could watch and follow every television program on the bank of monitors before him. By smell alone, he could point out every flower in a flower shop with his eyes closed. With the preceding Knack, he could hear every prayer addressed to him at the same time. With the second application of Clairvoyance, he could instantly judge the results of a chili cook-off from across the room. Regardless of how many things he can sense simultaneously, however, he can still do only one thing at a time unless he has the Multitasking Knack (from Scion: Demigod, p. 65). Also, using this Knack for a scene costs three Legend points.
Perception Perfect Pitch The Scion can be a musician’s best friend or worst nightmare, as she has the innate ability to detect even the subtlest variation in musical pitch. Her sense is so refined that she could catch a single missed note in an otherwise flawless performance of a Rachmaninoff concerto. The lone flub in the middle of the performance rings as clearly in her ears as if someone’s cell phone had gone off during it playing the Spongebob Squarepants theme song. The Scion’s sense of hearing is also refined enough to be able to identify with absolute certainty a phone number or security code just by hearing the distinctive key tones.
Perception Subliminal Warning Whenever the Scion enters an area where an ambush is waiting, even if he has no reason to suspect he’s in danger, certain tiny clues set his subconscious on edge, preparing him for an attack. When the attacker finally springs the surprise assault, the Scion hears the tiniest rustle of fabric, sees the slightest flicker in his peripheral vision or feels the gentlest twitch of displaced air, and the clues he already noticed all add up. As a result, the Scion gains an extra number of dice equal to his Epic Perception on the standard (Wits + Awareness) roll to detect the ambush.
Stamina Divine Fortitude This Knack doubles the amount of time a Scion can work at a strenuous task once more after the prerequisite Knack doubles the base amount of time (itself modified by the Scion’s Epic Stamina). Divine Fortitude also completely obviates a Scion’s need for food or sleep or water. The Scion’s player chooses which necessity the Knack takes away when he first chooses the Knack. When he does so, the character may still indulge in the activity, but he never suffers deprivation effects if he chooses not to. A Scion character may take this Knack three separate times after he takes the prerequisite, each time obviating one of the three listed necessities. Taking the Knack multiple times does not, however, double the amount of time he can work at a strenuous task each time. That period doubles only once, the first time he takes the Knack..
Stamina Holy Fortitude The character is the epitome of the holy ascetic. The periods for which she is able to go without food, water and sleep all double. The amount of time she is able to work at a strenuous task without stopping also doubles.
Stamina Tireless Worker Epic Stamina boosts the amount of time a character can work at a fatiguing task, and this Knack’s prerequisite doubles that time. This Knack extends that boost into infinity. No matter how long or how hard he works, the character never breaks a sweat and never slows down. If he still has to sleep, he can work until he’s sleepy and wake up feeling perfectly refreshed. If he still has to eat or sleep, he can pause for a meal and get right back to work without the first bit of loginess creeping in. (People who are like this endlessly irritate people who aren’t.)
Strength Hang On This Knack allows the Scion to plant her feet, tighten her muscles or otherwise commit to performing a feat of strength for an extended period of time. By spending a point of Legend to activate the Knack, the Scion can extend this feat for a maximum number of days equal to her Legend rating. As long as she continues this specific feat of strength, she ignores hunger, thirst, exhaustion and other factors that might otherwise interrupt her. Without this Knack, a Scion cannot possibly continue a feat of strength longer than a single scene. A Scion can use this Knack to hold up any weight she can lift or keep a creature that’s fastened to a rope or line from getting away. By tightening her neck muscles, she could even hang by her neck without suffocating. The Scion must stay virtually immobile, however. A Scion could keep a mine from caving in, hang from a noose for days or drag a chained beast slowly toward her, but she could not run, jump or perform most combat actions. A Scion is still limited by her normal and Epic Strength ratings, though she can perform feats at the top of her capabilities for days using this Knack. If she lacks Epic Stamina Knacks such as Holy Fortitude, though, she will probably collapse in helpless exhaustion the moment she finally ends the feat of strength.
Strength Knockback Attack The Scion is able to perform an attack that inflicts no damage whatsoever but sends his enemies flying back. On a successful attack, the Scion can choose for the attack to inflict damage and knockback normally (see Scion: Hero, p. 198), or he can choose for the attack to inflict no harm but to impose one yard of knockback per threshold success above the defender’s DV instead. (Doing so costs one Willpower point.) Hardness can still cancel out this effect if it is greater than the attack’s raw damage.
Strength Knockback Wave The God with this Knack claps her hands, slams a foe to the ground, bellows a war cry or performs some other similar action, and the player spends five Legend points. When she does so, everyone within a number of yards of the God equal to the God’s Legend is potentially hurled backward. The God’s player rolls Strength, receiving bonus successes from her Epic Strength, and every person within the radius of effect compares his DV to the result. Anyone whose DV doesn’t measure up is knocked back one yard per threshold success.
Strength Making It Look Easy When a character performs a feat of strength, doing so takes every bit of effort the character can muster. He doesn’t just lift a blue whale by the tail and hammer throw it back into the ocean between bites of scone. He grunts and strains and struggles until he gets enough momentum behind the whale for it to leave the ground, and when he lets it go, it’s with a resounding shout of strain and a near collapse of relief as it sails out over the water. The name of this Knack, however, speaks for itself. Any action the character can perform as a feat of strength, he can perform as if it’s no effort at all. He can lift the heaviest weights with one hand while using his other hand to cover a yawn. He can throw a spear into orbit with a flick of his finger. He can scoop the beached whale up in one hand and send it skipping like a stone out into the deep water where it can move freely (if dizzily) once again. Since such feats of strength are so easy, the character can execute multiple actions while performing feats of strength.
Wits Instant Assessment With a quick glance, and the expenditure of one Legend point, the Scion can size up a foe with whom he intends to join battle. This assessment comes across in terms of how the foe’s combat abilities compare to the Scion’s own. He gets a sense of whether the foe has more or fewer dots of Physical Attributes (Epic and otherwise) than he does. The same goes for their relative number of dots in Brawl, Marksmanship, Melee and Thrown, as well as their relative Join Battle dice pools and their soak totals. Also, if some power or special quality renders the foe especially vulnerable or completely invulnerable to something to which the Scion has ready access, the Scion gets a sense of that as well. What the Scion decides to do with this information is up to him. This information occurs reflexively to the Scion who uses the Knack, and he may assess as many foes automatically as he spends points of Legend.
Wits Opening Gambit Sometimes, victory in conflict is all about being the guy who makes the first move, and the Scion is usually that guy. When he joins battle, his player can either make a Join Battle roll like everyone else, or he can simply spend a point of Legend for his character to automatically go first in the reaction count. This Knack cannot automatically preempt an otherwise unexpected attack, though, as the character must actually be able to join battle for this Knack to function. If more than one character involved in a combat scene has this Knack, the character with the highest (Wits + Epic Wits) total goes first. If characters with this Knack have equal totals, default to a separate Join Battle roll to see which of them acts first.
Wits Perfect Imposter Impersonating someone in order to infiltrate his home or workplace or to get dangerously close to someone he cares about is more difficult the less well the impersonator knows his subject. The best makeup and disguise means nothing if the imposter can’t react to life’s little surprises exactly as the subject of his mimicry would react. With this Knack, however, the Scion can discern with preternatural quickness how the people who think he’s someone else expect that someone else to react. Their minute changes of expression or body language give their expectations away, allowing the imposter to react accordingly. For the most part, this Knack plays itself out without resorting to dice rolls or trait comparisons. As the imposter’s player roleplays (and the imposter himself does so also), the Storyteller simply informs him of what the unsuspecting characters’ expectations are, and the player chooses his imposter’s reactions accordingly. This Knack does not provide a supernatural disguise that would fool someone with the Unfailing Recognition Knack (from Scion: Hero, p. 134), but even if such a Scion can see through the imposter’s disguise, his recognition alone would not be enough to convince anyone else. The imposter retains the wherewithal to stand up to any impromptu interrogation and maintain his charade in everyone else’s eyes, thus making the only other Scion who knows the imposter’s true identity look like a horse’s ass or a liar.
Wits Social Chameleon Being thrust into a situation full of strangers who have bizarre customs and weird manners (such as a sorority house at the height of rush) can be disorienting, but the character with this Knack handles herself with remarkable aplomb. By observing the behavior of the people around her and reacting preternaturally quickly to their reactions to her behavior, she can fake like she fits in just about anywhere, with any class of people. She still has to dress the part, and the language barrier might pose its own problems, but she won’t embarrass or draw attention to herself unless she goes out of her way to do so on purpose.


Purview Rank Name Effect
Chaos 1 Eye of the Storm Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend per scene
When the Scion finds herself caught up in a chaotic situation unrelated to her—whether she’s dodging a tornado’s debris or emerging from a bar to find a berserk mob rushing toward her to clash with a line of riot cops down the street—she can activate this Boon and become an island of calm in the tumult. She is miraculously untouched in the confusion, and she remains so for as long as she doesn’t actively involve herself. She still suffers normal environmental movement penalties, but environmental dangers such as falling rocks, stampeding beasts or thrashing rioters all fail to touch her.
Chaos 2 Hornet’s Nest Dice Pool: Intelligence + Awareness
Cost: None
If the Boon’s activation roll succeeds, the Storyteller should determine and reveal in general terms what action the Scion can take to either cause the most chaos in the scene or defuse the potential chaos inherent in the situation. The revelation should be something simple like “opening the parrot cage,” “staying in the hallway,” “winking at the Scion of Sif” or “calling the Scion of Ptah’s cell phone.” The Storyteller should explain only which action will lead to which outcome, not how.
Chaos 3 Murphy’s Law Dice Pool: (Intelligence + Awareness)
Cost: 1 Willpower
Murphy’s Law states that whatever can go wrong will go wrong. This Boon takes that saying and turns it into action, amplifying negative emotions between groups of people, inflicting a number of irritating but harmless annoyances such as bee stings, minor temporary malfunctions in machinery, cars splashing through puddles, miscommunications and dropped coffee cups. Tempers soar and fights break out, and common sense is thrown to the wind until the Boon’s effects subside.
This Boon lasts for one scene.
Enech 1 Brehon’s Eye Dice Pool: Perception + Empathy
Cost: 1 Legend
To understand the demands of enech upon the Scion, she must first understand its demands on those around her. With this power, the Scion assumes a canny and wise attitude, watching carefully and allowing those insights to influence her judgment. The information that comes with this power was of old called enechsenchas, or “enech lore,” and is often used in later Boons in this Purview.
Once this power is activated, the Scion rolls (Perception + Empathy), adding in any successes from Epic Perception. For each success, he can judge the enech of one individual present, beginning with those with the highest Legend. Reading someone’s enech grants the Scion knowledge of what his highest Virtue is, what his lowest Virtue is and what his Nature is. This can only be activated once per scene.
Enech 2 Hero’s Geas Dice Pool: None
Cost: None
Heroes and Gods are held to a greater standard. Because the simple lives of mortal men are no challenge to the enech of the entities of Legend, it is only appropriate that they accept greater restrictions and requirements to demonstrate their mindfulness, honor and perseverance. Thus, the greatest of Gods and heroes are laid with geasa, prohibitions against specific actions or requirements that a specific action must always be undertaken when the Scion or God is presented with the opportunity.
It is important to keep one’s geasa secret, for those who know them can use them as a weapon against the hero. The mighty Cúchulainn died by such cunning. When the crafty Queen Medb learned of his geasa against refusing hospitality and against eating the meat of a dog, she invited him to a meal of roasted hound, sealing his fate. He died by a spear-blow in his very next battle.
When a Scion purchases this power, he must immediately choose a single geas, either one that is general in nature or one appropriate to his divine parent. This is a Legendary Geas. For advice in choosing a geas, and the penalties for breaking them, see the “Geasa” section.
Additionally, any time the Scion purchases a Boon from a Purview other than his parent’s, he may choose to assume a geas appropriate to a God of the Tuatha associated with that Purview. Doing so allows him to purchase the geas as though it were from his divine parent. Breaking such a geas is a terrible choice, though, for not only does it have the normal penalties for breaking a geas, but it also denies the Scion the use of that Boon until his enech is restored.
Enech 3 Lay Token Geas Dice Pool: Charisma + Presence
Cost: 1 Legend + 1 Willpower (or 1 Legend + 1 Willpower dot)
With this power, the Scion taps into the potent flows of enech and may levy the expectations of greatness on those around him. This roll is opposed by the target’s (Wits + Integrity + Legend), and the roll itself has a difficulty of the target’s Legend +1. If this roll is successful, the target is bound by a geas of Token potency for two months per net success in the roll, to a maximum of a year and a day. Alternately, if the Scion expends a full dot (rather than a point) of Willpower, the geas is laid permanently.
The Scion may not levy simply any sort of geas, however. The actual choice of the geas is not up to the Scion, but up to enech itself — the Scion merely draws the attention of enech and acts as the conduit for the geas. The Storyteller chooses a geas that is poetically appropriate for the victim, keeping in mind the most extreme parts of the character’s personality (as often exemplified in his highest or lowest Virtues). Thus, a target who has cut a swathe through the innocents around him and discovers that he has a high Vengeance Virtue rating might be levied with the child-geas, where no child can ever come to harm within the Scion’s ability to prevent it.
It should be noted that a geas is explicitly not a curse — each geas comes with benefits for those who keep the geas. Rather, the Tuatha consider geasa to be the means by which one helps shape the actions of heroes and legends. They are combination carrots and sticks meant to motivate a particular sort of behavior.
Frost 1 Frost Immunity Dice Pool: None
Cost: None
The cold of winter has no effect on the Scion. She never suffers damage from exposure to ice, frost, chilling wind, freezing water—or other Boons of this Purview. While the Scion’s possessions still suffer the effects of cold, the Scion herself need not fear the most extreme cold in the World (or even beyond). This immunity extends to whatever Birthright the Scion uses to access the Frost Purview. The Scion also never slips or loses her balance on bare ice. If someone pours another slippery substance (such as oil) on top of it, however, the Scion could still slip on that.
Frost 2 Uller’s Stride Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend
Like the God of Skis who gives this Boon its name, the Scion can speed his travel by gliding on a thin layer of snow. Hoarfrost coalesces into ice around his feet or his shoes, allowing him to skate over nearly any flat surface. As long as the Scion can slide along the ground, he can move quickly and easily. Grassy fields, liquid water (or other substances), and pavement or concrete are all ideal surfaces for this sort of motion. The Scion leaves a thin, wavering trail of ice that soon melts in warm surroundings.
As long as the Scion stays on a reasonably flat (though not necessarily level) surface, he gains a fiveyard bonus to his Move and Dash actions. Uller’s Stride cannot take the Scion up into the air, but he can skate over water. Tricks such as skating off the end of an inclined tree and landing on the lip of a nearby hillside count as stunts that apply the five-yard bonus to Jump actions. Players can use Uller’s Stride with many other stunts too, such as maneuvering a foe onto a not-yet-melted patch of ice so she slips for a moment, giving the Scion a bonus to attack.
Once activated, Uller’s Stride lasts for the rest of the scene unless the Scion deactivates the power prematurely. He can walk or skate interchangeably, depending upon what seems useful at the moment. The Scion never slips or falls from losing traction, though he can still be knocked down He can also trip over difficult terrain or crash into an obstacle if he’s clumsy.
Frost 3 Hrimthurssar’s Touch Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Willpower + 1 Legend
By calling upon the cold of Ymir, the Scion suffuses her hands with deathly cold. When she touches water, a skin of ice freezes across it; when she caresses plants, they wither. The Scion’s unarmed attacks inflict extra dice of bashing damage equal to half her Legend (rounded up), except against opponents immune to cold. Holding an easily chilled object, such as a cup or a metal blade, causes it to frost over. (A metal weapon affected by this Boon adds the above damage to a successful attack, but that damage is either bashing or lethal as appropriate to the weapon type.) A bottle of liquid the size of a typical soft drink will freeze through—likely bursting the container—with just a few seconds of contact. Through a special expenditure of an extra point of Legend, the Scion can instantly freeze a large quantity of liquid, equal to her Legend rating in cubic yards.
This Boon lasts for an entire scene after its activation, though the Scion can end it prematurely (to avoid injuring a companion by touch, for instance)
Health 4 Cradlesong Dice Pool: Manipulation + Medicine
Cost: 1 Legend (or 1 Legend + 1 Willpower)
By singing or playing some sweet lullaby, the Scion makes a number of people equal to the successes on the activation roll drift quietly off to sleep. Characters of higher Legend than the singer are not affected. Those of equal Legend get to oppose the activation roll with a (Willpower + Integrity + Legend) roll. This soporific effect knocks out any living creature that can hear the Scion’s voice, for a number of hours equal to the Scion’s Legend. Victims with no Legend rating remain asleep the whole time, never waking up regardless of what’s going on around them. Characters with a Legend rating can be woken up by those who went unaffected, if the player of the character trying to rouse the sleeper makes more successes on an extended (Manipulation + Medicine) action to bring the sleeper around. (Such an action constitutes shaking the sleeping person, slapping his cheeks, pinching him, hollering at him or whatever else might wake him from a dead sleep.) Suffering a level of lethal or aggravated damage will also wake a sleeper with a Legend rating.
If prospective victims are engaged in relatively normal behavior—working at their desks, walking on patrol, raking leaves—using this Boon costs only one Legend point. If the intended victims are engaged in combat or some other strenuous undertaking—such as playing at a sport or making love with wild abandon—the Boon costs one Legend and one Willpower. The Scion cannot activate this Boon if he is participating strenuously in some activity himself. He must devote each action, instead, to calmly singing the song.
The activation of the Boon occurs in the character’s first actual action (a Speed 5, DV -2 action), but the Scion may keep singing for as long as he likes if he has not yet affected a total number of people equal to his activation roll’s successes. Once the character has affected the maximum number of people, though, the player must roll again (and pay the activation costs) if he wants to put a larger number of people to sleep. The effect targets those closest to the Scion first.
Illusion 1 The Subtle Knife Dice Pool: Manipulation + Larceny
Cost: 1 Legend per item
The Scion concentrates on an item that he touches or carries, and the item becomes unobtrusive even to a concentrated search. As long as the Scion doesn’t manipulate the item in an obvious fashion, other creatures simply ignore its existence. The object must be small enough to hold in one hand and conceal under a jacket, such as a pistol, a rose or a wallet. (Even a Scion with Epic Strength cannot conceal a larger object, despite the fact that he might be able to hold, say, a motorcycle behind his back in one hand.) Once the Scion uses the object in an obvious fashion, such as taking money out of the wallet or drawing and cocking a gun, it becomes evident to everyone. The concealment lasts at most a single scene in any case.
Items hidden by this power are neither invisible nor transparent. If an object is placed in such a way that a person must see it—if it’s taped to the screen of a television he’s watching, for instance—the object becomes immediately visible. Conversely, potential observers’ minds ignore and rationalize away small inconsistencies, such as failing to notice the scent of a hidden rose or missing the bulge in a jacket pocket that holds a small relic. Observers with a Legend score pit their (Perception + Awareness) against the hiding Scion’s (Manipulation + Stealth). If the Scion’s player scores more net successes, his item remains hidden; otherwise, it is spotted. The Scion can hide multiple small items at once by paying the Legend cost for each, and a viewer tests against each one separately.
The Subtle Knife can conceal living creatures, but they must be small enough to fit under a person’s jacket, such as a rabbit or a young raven. The Scion does not actually need to stuff an animal, or any other object, under his jacket to hide it—using this Boon hides the object even if he’s holding it in his hand or it’s sitting on his shoulder.
Illusion 2 Stolen Face Dice Pool: Manipulation + Presence
Cost: 1 Willpower + 1 Legend
Tricksters in myth often take on someone else’s appearance, generally to further a special plot or to bring humiliation to a rival. This Boon makes such a disguise supernaturally believable. The trickster simply dons a cursory disguise—a piece of clothing, a fake wig, a mask or some make-up—and the power of Illusion does the rest. If the Scion tries to impersonate a particular person, the dice roll gains a +2 bonus if the Scion carries some item the emulated individual owned. A sample of the subject’s hair, skin or nails raises the bonus to +5. (Having body sample and an object, or having multiple objects, does not give multiple bonuses.) The Scion’s player rolls to set the Boon’s success level when it’s activated. Anyone who deliberately tries to see through the disguise must best the Scion’s total successes with a (Perception + Awareness) roll. Having only a brief, momentary interaction imposes a -2 penalty on the observer’s roll. A lengthy interaction (lasting several minutes) when the observer knows the emulated subject well grants a +2 bonus. If the observer scores more successes than the trickster, the observer realizes that the Scion is not who she seems to be, though the true identity of the disguised Scion remains unclear unless the disguise is actually removed.
Stolen Face doesn’t prevent people from suspecting that the Scion might not be who she seems if she does something wildly out of character. A Scion disguised as Ronald Reagan who breaks into a bank, paints the vault red and flies away on camera will probably not be mistaken for the dead president in question. Mortal onlookers certainly won’t figure out who it really was, though, or how she managed to do such a convincing Reagan imitation!
A Scion can also use Stolen Face to create a false identity of her own invention. Such a false identity can be as rudimentary as an anonymous old man, as Odin advised Sigurd on how to deal with the dragon Fafnir, or as elaborate as a whole second life as a reporter at a major metropolitan newspaper. Mortal onlookers tend to overlook flaws in such false identities. Even most Scions remain unsuspecting of such a deception unless they specifically think there’s an imposter around or someone has a secret identity.
Regardless of the successes scored, some element of the disguise always leaves a hint of the Scion’s true nature. A Scion disguised as Ronald Reagan might still appear to wear sneakers that clash with his presidential suit. A Scion pretending to be Artemis might forget to change her eye color to match. A relic might retain its true appearance. Such omissions usually go overlooked unless the disguise. is penetrated, in which case it’s generally the first thing that the viewer spots—such as the propensity for watchful onlookers to notice the hastily concealed tail of a kitsune who’s masquerading as a human woman.
Stolen Face remains in effect for an entire scene; spending a Willpower point extends the illusion to another scene. Anyone who fails to penetrate the disguise during that time cannot try again. If one person sees through the illusion, he need merely perform some action to expose the fraud—yank off the wig, smear the make-up—and everyone else instantly sees through it as well.
Illusion 3 Fool’s Gold Dice Pool: Manipulation + Art
Cost: 2 Legend per item
Beyond simply concealing items, tricksters occasionally make worthless leaves, rocks or sticks seem valuable—or otherwise make objects seem like things they’re not. The Scion must conceal the item in some way, from closing his hand around it to draping it with a scarf. He can then reveal the item as something else. (The Scion could place a convenient object in a pocket or satchel where it can’t be seen and then activate the power at a later time, seeming to pull out something else that’s just the thing he needs.) The source object must be about the same size as the illusory object and have some other trait in common, such as its shape, color or composition. For instance, the Scion could make a rubber band gun look like a real pistol, or he could make a sack of yellow autumn leaves seem to be a sack of gold coins. He couldn’t disguise a plastic pop bottle as a huge diamond or a bazooka.
Casual handling of the illusory item does not reveal its true nature, though breaking it or other violence does so. The object does not actually have the physical properties of the real object, but it appears to function as expected. Golden leaf-coins will fall, not flutter, and land with a heavy clink. A rubber band gun fires with a bang and a smell of cordite (though it cannot inflict more harm than a rubber band gun would).
The item remains disguised for a full scene. As with Stolen Face, the player makes an initial roll when the Scion activates the power. If any onlooker suspects a fraud, her player must roll (Perception + Awareness) and exceed the Scion’s total successes to see through the deception. For purposes of this power, anything that the Scion can hold in one hand counts as one “item,” so a handful of leaves could all be disguised at once. Fool’s Gold cannot make an item appear as a living creature, nor can it disguise a living creature. It affects only inanimate objects.
Illusion 4 Dreamcraft Dice Pool: Wits + Art
Cost: 2 Legend per subject
The Illusion Boons available to heroes still need a real subject upon which to work. A demigod can craft hallucinations that do not correlate with anything real. Only the individuals whom the Scion wants to fool can perceive them.
Each person the Scion wishes to perceive the hallucination costs the Scion three Legend points when she activates the Boon. Her player’s (Wits + Art) roll has a difficulty set by the number of senses the Scion wants to affect and the complexity of the illusion (see the sidebar). Note the final number of successes. If any subject has any reason to doubt the illusion, his player must beat that number on a (Perception + Awareness) roll. Dreamcraft can add, subtract or transform one discrete entity or element in the target’s sensations. For instance, she could make a person imagine the sky turned green, or see a snarling dog running toward him, or not see the Scion standing nearby. To make a person suffer all these hallucinations, the Scion would have to use this Boon three times on successive actions.
A Dreamcraft illusion lasts only as long as the Scion specifically concentrates on maintaining it. She cannot also engage in combat or other challenging activities (i.e., any task that would call for a dice roll). A Scion cannot maintain more illusions at once than she has dots of Intelligence. Every subject affected counts as a separate illusion, though a character can attack more than one person at a time. Note that Dreamcraft cannot create an illusion of something the Scion herself cannot imagine. If you’ve never seen Thor, for instance, you can’t create an accurate hallucination of him. Of course, if your subject has never seen Thor either, you can just create an image of a big red-haired guy swinging a stone hammer and that might be enough.
Magic 1 The Unlidded Eye Dice Pool: Perception + Occult
Cost: 1 Willpower
This spell allows its caster to see magic and supernatural powers that are normally invisible to mortal sight. It also faintly reveals the threads of Fate that entwine people, revealing strong or thick threads and allowing the caster to determine a Scion’s or other supernatural being’s Legend score.
Magic 2 Bona Fortuna Dice Pool: Wits + Occult
Cost: 1 Legend
The caster calls upon Fortune for a good luck streak. Each success gives him one die that he can “spend” to add to any dice pool for any rolls he makes for the remainder of the scene. Once he spends all of his Bona Fortuna successes, they are gone; he must cast this spell again if he wants more. He can apportion multiple successes however he wishes, but the maximum Fortune dice he can add to any single roll cannot exceed half his Willpower score.
Magic 3 Demand A Labor Dice Pool: Manipulation + Presence
Cost: 1 Legend + Fatebinding
The caster can demand that a person perform a task for him. This is called a labor, or sometimes a geas, and until the target of the spell completes the task, he is not whole. Until he is victorious, he cannot spend Willpower points on any action except one that aids the completion of his task. The difficulty of this casting depends on the type of labor requested. The caster cannot, however, demand a labor with a difficulty higher than half his Willpower score.
(* Beginning Scions cannot demand a labor with a difficulty higher than 4. Only demigods or Gods can cast such magic.)
The player of this spell’s target can attempt to have his character resist its compulsion during casting by rolling Willpower. If the roll garners more successes than the casting roll, the target is unaffected by the spell. Higher dot ranks of this spell exist that allow the caster to levy multiple labors upon a target.
Sky 1 Sky’s Grace Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend
By spending a point of Legend, the Scion takes no damage from falls of any height. Alternatively, the Scion can use that point to double the distance he can jump either straight up or horizontally. If the Scion has the Holy Bound Knack—as well as this Boon, the base distance he can leap doubles, then doubles again if the player spends a point of Legend.
Also, Sky’s Grace can mitigate knockback the character suffers from successful attacks. If an attack knocks the character back, he may spend a point of Legend to stop himself in a sudden gust of wind. The attack still knocks the character back at least one yard, but the character may stop himself at any distance he chooses beyond that.
Sky 2 Wind’s Freedom Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend + 1 Willpower per scene
The Scion laughs in the face of gravity. For the rest of the scene, the distances the Scion can move or dash per action remain normal, but they now apply to the Z-axis as well as the X- and Y-axes. All the normal rules for movement remain in place, except that the character can now move freely through all three dimensions (i.e., he can fly). He can even hold still in midair if he wants to. The only thing a character can’t do in midair that he could do on the ground is jump, as there’s nothing to jump off of.
If the character drops the Birthright that makes this Boon possible or allows it to be destroyed, the effect ends immediately.
Sky 3 Storm Augmentation Dice Pool: Appearance + Presence
Cost: 1 Legend per attack
For a number of actions equal to the successes the player rolled to activate the Boon, jagged threads of lightning coil around the Scion’s fists or weapon, or skirling winds sweep around him as he moves. On any successful attack he makes in the subsequent duration, he may spend a point of Legend to make thunder crash or winds gust violently. Doing so automatically doubles any knockback the attack applies. Furthermore, if the attack inflicts even one level of damage, have the victim’s player roll (Stamina + Fortitude) against a difficulty equal to (raw damage – victim’s Legend). The minimum difficulty for this roll is 1. If the victim’s player fails this roll, the victim is stunned, losing two dice from all non-reflexive rolls until the attacker’s next action.
This Boon’s effects apply to any attack the character makes—be it in close or ranged combat—for which he spends the requisite point of Legend.
Sky 4 Divine Threnody Dice Pool: Intelligence + Art
Cost: 2 Legend
An oft-overlooked element of the Sky Purview is the fact that air carries sound. The most graphic example of this is thunder, which is commonly associated with sky gods; wind, too, is said to howl or moan, as if the sky itself has a voice. A demigod who delves into the nature of thunder and sound can learn to manipulate the currents of air that carry sound and thereby enhance or dampen sonic effects.
With a simple use of Divine Threnody, the Scion can dampen sound. Voices become muffled, footsteps recede into the distance and even cars and airplanes seem to emit almost no noise whatsoever. The Scion dampens sound in an area equal to her player’s threshold successes on a roll of (Intelligence + Art) times the demigod’s Legend rating, in feet on a side. Thus, with six successes and a Legend of six, the demigod dampens sound in an area up to thirty-six feet on a side. Within that area, Stealth checks gain a bonus equal to the demigod’s Legend rating and noise becomes extremely suppressed or eliminated altogether. People must shout just to hear each other, and sound deadens and becomes unable to carry beyond arm’s length. Such a dampening lasts for a number of ticks equal to the successes scored on the effect.
If the Scion amplifies sound, she can create a crack of thunder or sonic boom. Her player’s threshold successes determine the intensity of the noise, although she must have an initial source sound to amplify (such as her own voice). While this scream does not inflict damage, it can inflict knockback or knockdown as if it had scored damage equal to the threshold successes. Furthermore, anyone who suffers knockdown from it — that is, anyone whose (Stamina + Fortitude) total is less than the Scion’s threshold successes — is temporarily deafened for a number of turns equal to the difference in successes [the screamer’s (Intelligence + Art) roll minus the victim’s (Stamina + Fortitude)]. This blast of sound forms a tight beam that emanates from the Scion and strikes a single target.
Divine Threnody also has an additional use for a Scion who understands music. So long as the Scion has at least Art ••• (with any form of music or oratory specialty), she can use Divine Threnody to create voices on the wind. The wind can moan, howl, sing or carry messages, as desired. This application has a maximum range of miles equal to the user’s threshold successes times Legend. The Scion can carry a song, message or voice this way to a maximum number of people equal to her Legend rating.
Any power that could be invoked via the power of the Scion’s voice can also be invoked at a distance with Divine Threnody, so long as the Scion’s player pays the requisite cost, but the dice pool for the follow-up power is limited to the threshold successes scored to activate Divine Threnody. Note that while the Divine Threnody might carry a message to several people simultaneously, everyone hears the same message, and voice-activated powers that affect only a limited number of targets might not affect everyone (though the Scion can choose whom to affect). Divine Threnody does not function in any location without air, be it underwater or in a vacuum.
War 1 Blessing of Bravery Dice Pool: Charisma + Command
Cost: None
Intoning a benediction over a person or group prepared to engage in battle, the Scion bolsters their courage and determination. Every character on the Scion’s side of the conflict who hears the benediction gains a point of Willpower as well as two temporary bonus dots of Courage that last until the battle ends. The Scion may amplify his voice electronically, but he must be present at the battle and give the blessing live.
War 2 Battle Cry Dice Pool: Charisma + Presence
Cost: 1 Legend
During a battle, be it a pitched field engagement or an alley fight between a Band of Scions and a gang of frost giants, the Scion can loose a horrible battle cry that unnerves his foes. Every fighter on the Scion’s enemies’ side who hears the unearthly shriek loses one die from all attack rolls for a number of attacks equal to the Scion’s Legend rating.
The Scion may use electronic equipment to amplify this battle cry so every enemy present can hear it, but he must be present on the battlefield himself for it to work. He can let out this battle cry only once per combat scene, and it doesn’t affect enemies whose Legend rating is higher than his.
War 2 Trimarkisia Dice Pool: Wits+Command
Cost: 2 Legend
Like the precision horsemen of ages gone by, the Scion with this Boon knows how to take tactical advantage of even a small number of men, turning them and herself into a dynamo of slaughter. By taking a ten-tick action and gathering together two followers or comrades, explaining to them exactly what strategy she plans to employ, she can cause both of them and herself to act as an incredibly precise strike team, giving any target that all three attack at the same time a -6 penalty to their DV as their coordination overwhelms their defense. The Scion and her two comrades may continue to attack as such a team for a number of ticks equal to five times her successes, after which point she must use this Boon again if she wishes to continue acting in concert with them. If anyone else attacks the same target as the Scion and her two comrades, this Boon’s effects instantly end, as the addition of a fourth person destroys the delicately-balanced rapport between the members of the trio.
War 3 Warrior Ideal Dice Pool: Charisma + Presence
Cost: 1 Legend
The Scion adopts some idealized warrior aspect, from howling berserker to unquestioning enlisted man to fearless officer to pitiless samurai. This attitude unnerves and intimidates any opponent who faces him in combat, inflicting a penalty equal to the Scion’s Legend on any attack roll the opponent makes. This penalty applies to any character with a lesser or equal Legend rating who attempts to attack the Scion. This idealized aspect lasts for a number of consecutive actions during the battle equal to the successes the Scion’s player rolled to activate it, and he can invoke it only once during any given battle.


  • Courage: 1
  • Expression: 4
  • Intellect: 4
  • Piety: 3

Derived Stats

  • Health: -0, -0, -0, -0, -0, -0, I
  • Soak: 7B, 6L, 3A
  • Armor: 4B, 2L, 2A (Armor of the Fathful)
  • DDV: 14
  • PDV: 12 (Unarmed)
  • Join Battle: 7 (7 Auto)
  • Movement: 12
  • Dash: 24
  • Climb: 10
  • Swim: 10
  • Vertical Jump: 14 (28)
  • Horizontal Jump: 28 (56)
  • Without Food/Sleep: 17 weeks 1 days/Never
  • Without Water: 10 weeks 52 days
  • Strenuous Activity: Never
  • Hold Breath: 16 minutes


  • Relics
    • Dream Weaver 5 – Chaos, Illusion. Special ability: Can write a story and dedicate it to a person. (You must know them, having either met them in person or know their name/appearance. No distance restrictions.) The person will experience the story as a dream and feel the emotions associated with it for the next 24 hours. Automatically works on mortals and people of lower legend. Those equal or above can counter with a Charisma+Art+Legend VS Willpower+Integrity+Legend roll. Special ability: The pen can not only implant dreams, but pull them from the depths of others’ psyches. Roll Wits+Empathy+Legend VS Willpower+Integrity+Legend. (Again, you must know them, having either met them in person or know their name/appearance. No distance restrictions.) If successful the user writes out a secret that the victim has dreamed about. It can be their worst fear, their darkest fantasy, or a damning secret.
    • Armor of the Faithful 5 – War. +2L/4B soak. +Legend to Integrity rolls.
    • Twin Gun 4 – Elf-shot. Unlimited ammo. It allows the person holding it to feel the emotional and physical health state of the person carrying it’s twin. (Glock stats. Acc +1, Damage +3L, Range 20, Speed 4, Piercing)
    • Gift of Oberon 5 – Sky, Frost. Connection to Oberon. Special Ability: May communicate via dreams and use Boons within (Legend x 5) miles. If the recipient is not sleeping they will receive the message/activate the Boon the next time they do.
    • Epona Statuette 4 – Summons Ethereal Horse which can take its rider to the Underworld (and Overworld when God) potentially for a quest to return the dead
    • Elf Horn 4 – Justice, Health, Sun, Summons Seelie Soldiers
    • Bronze Arm 5 – Permanent, Hadseax stats with +3 Accuracy and uses Brawl, removes cost of Stolen Face, which can be used to make it look/feel like a real hand without changing your whole body rather than bronze, turquoise, blue and clear crystal. [Accuracy 4, Damage 2L, Defense +0, Speed 4]
    • Cupid’s Arrow 5 – Add Legend to Dex + Marksmanship; Never needs reloading; Unique Power: Create an emotion within a target struck by a weapon or touched by item. Requires a (Charisma + Presence + Legend) roll, opposed by target’s (Willpower + Integrity + Legend), and lasting for a number of days equal to the number of successes over the opponent’s roll; -2 Speed to make Speed 4. [Based on Remington. Accuracy +3, Damage 7L, Range 200, Clip N/A, Speed 4, Piercing]
    • Crown of Myrtle 3 – Magic. +Legend to Presence.
    • Hecate’s Ring (Relic 2) – Adds Legend to Occult rolls
    • Dreamcatcher Amulet 1 – Special power: Can steal nightmares/madness (be it from mundane or supernatural sources) from someone for 24 hours, granting them clarity. But they experience the nightmares/visions instead and deal with whatever consequences or benefits come with it.
  • Creatures
  • Guides
    • Oberon, Seelie King – 4
    • Jin, The Black Mercy – 4
  • Followers
    • Seelie Soldiers 5 – Five soldiers will come at a time, one of which will always be Tolthe. Unless he dies. But they’re all immortal save for violence.


  • Geasa
  • Bard of Oberon – Dick agrees to be Oberon’s bard within the world and in dreams. Ability (+Legend to Art), Imbas (The “fire that sets the head alight” is the poetic euphemism for Brigid’s flame, because it is the symbol for creative inspiration. The hero bound by imbas-geas must act as aid to artists, allowing them the luxury of producing. The geas is broken once the artist stops producing artwork for a month or produces nothing but terrible work for a month. Enech can only be regained when the geas-bearer does something to “shake things up,” finding some way to reinspire the artist and get her producing for the appropriate length of time.)
  • Legendary Lover – Those bound by the lover’s geas must never rein in their great desires. They must pursue those they find comely, working to seduce those they fancy with good cheer and unwavering enthusiasm. Those bound by lover’s-geas break the geas by utterly failing to seduce the pretty things that catch their eye, though enech is satisfied if they find a new, more challenging wouldbe paramour and win them spectacularly. Those bound by the Legendary geas regain Legend at double the normal rate for as long as that geas is upheld. Additionally, each time he upholds his geas in such a fashion that his life is made more difficult, or there is some sacrifice involved for doing so, he also regains a point of Legend. Woe to the hero who breaks a Legendary geas, however, for until he regains enech, he loses a dot of Legend, reducing his Legend pool and denying him access to Boons that require a Legend of that level.

Other Equipment

  • Talons/Teethx2: Pretty much the equivalant of Harpy’s claws.
  • Coin: Can flip it. Roll 1 dice. Evens=Kings, and gives a +1 to your next roll. Odds=Joker, and gives a -1 to the next roll of the first person you see.
  • Sludgex2: Mechanically the same as Medusa blood.
  • Siren’s Seashellx2: +3 To art (Singing) rolls
    • Crown of Autumn (Relic 3) – Frost, Fertility, Death.
    • The Black Mirror (Relic 5) – Darkness, Mimics Spirit Lamp

Health and Trackable Things

_ | _ | _ | _ | _ |_ | _ |7 -0, -0, -0, -0, -0, -2, I
  • Legend: 5
  • Willpower: 3/8
  • Legend Point: 17/25

Pre Visitation

  • One of a pair of twins born to an upper middle class woman in London
  • Has devoted his life to the church, currently pursuing a Seminary degree for the Anglican Church
  • Has taken a year abroad to do good works and see the world
  • Has just published his first paranormal romance novel Oberon’s Desire, about a fairy and his male lover.


  • Awakened with a vision of Rich, his twin, fighting demons of some kind
  • Went to Notre Dame, which was damaged, and was greeted by Saint Brigid destroying his world and giving him his birthrights and impressing Tuteur the Gargoyle
  • Began a campaign to fix Notre Dame
  • Learned from Rich that Brigid is their Bio-Mom in addition to Lugh being their dad
  • Was brought into the fairie ring of Oberon, where he was pledged to be Oberon’s bard

Act 1

  • Learned that The Green Man had been used to invoke the protections of Notre Dame before
  • Took in Eddie Ray Johnson after learning of his tragic murder of his lover for his divine parent and swore to help protect him from Mami Wata
  • Hunted a Frost Giant with Dalton Singer, learning the scion’s hunger for violence was going to be a curse upon him.
  • Spoke with Oberon about how to fix the doors to Notre Dame, who suggested killing a Dodekatheon on a sacred mound and dedicating it to the Green Man or to find a lost spear of his to give to his newest child.
  • Went to Moulin Rouge with Rich McAlister to trick the Unseelie into giving up the spear as well as a statue of Epona. They managed this while Rich fought several guards on his own while Dick answered nearly impossibly riddles
  • Formed a Band, the Gallowglass Circle
  • Summoned Cernunnos with his son to invoke the protections of Notre Dame. Agents of Aten showed up to try to stop the god and the band, but through the combined might of Eddie, Father Abel, Laurence, Micah, and Rich, they were able to fight off the angels though nearly died doing so.
  • The doors were reforged with the blessings of Cernunnos, creating a safe space for scion kind and repopulating the gargoyles as a side effect.

Act 2

  • Found a slave ring in the Catacombs run by the Svartalfar Fafnir and the Unseelie Queen Medb.
  • Convinced a dragon to leave Thermes de Cluny and go attack the Pope so he could instead take the terra incognita for himself and his band.
  • Came across Dalton Singer, who had a curse placed upon him so that he gave birth to Titanspawn wolves and was driven mad. When making deals to break the curse, posed as Kerwyn in order to discover if Titania was planning a trap for Oberon. She was, so he instead set Queen Medb and the Unseelie against Fafnir and the Svartalfar.
  • Finished the novel The Bound God about Cernunnos in bondage.
  • Murdered Jin in his home while pursuing a lead to cure Dalton.
  • Invoked Tyr while sacrificing his arm in order to cure Dalton of his Malice during a Seidr ritual.
  • Received a hand made of bronze with claws worked into the four fingers, inlaid with turquoise, blue and clear crystal in delicate and intricate Celtic knots forged by Micah Roland and Rich McAlister. It even functions and can feel like his normal hand once had.
  • Was almost seduced by sirens targeting Eddie, but managed to save himself and draw Eddie away before they could be captured.
  • Slayed the three sirens and a great snake with Rich.
  • Discovered his twin had secretly been married to Hikaru Kurosawa for years.
  • Made a plan for how to hide Eddie from the mystical intentions of Simbi Makaya.
  • Regrew Jin with his own blood and flesh.
  • Tracked down by the Empire of Olympus, lead by Isatis for releasing the dragon on Rome. Managed to talk his way around it, but they came to stop the growing power of the Nemetondevos as well, which he would not allow.
  • Occupied Isatis with romance while his band fought the Empire of Olympus. In the end, Neera Sagese was dead, and Ramiro Conti was captured and left in a cage for Dick’s amusement. Ramiro was bound by a geas.
  • Convinced Orion to run away to England with who he thought was Ramiro Conti, abandoning his band when they needed them most.
  • Obtained the surrender of Isatis through lies, trickery, and love, getting him to swear off conquering France in exchange for a (mostly) political marriage.
  • Took Isatis to the Moulin Rouge in order to conquer the Unseelie, who surrendered unconditionally.
  • Wrote From Rome, a book about a Roman centurion going native when he meets a barbarian in Gaul/
  • Was summoned to Oberon’s side as the Fairy King was poisoned.
  • Traveled to the Unseelie stronghold as Titania. Tricked Queen Medb into giving the antidote to who she thought was her dying sister, and the blade of the Queen of Air and Darkness so the trickster could strike themselves down. Instead, he vanished to the king’s side oncemore.
  • Returned the antidote to the king with a kiss.
  • Was whisked away to the overworld, where he laid with Aengus beneath a holy tree.
  • Was given the holy charge of Demigod of Dreams by Lugh, and told to protect the dreams of the pantheon and world from the predation of the Titans.

Act 3

  • Helped Laurence Riley fight against the twisted Matrons. When the hero was struck down, Dick entered the sacred well to make a deal with Nantosuelta. In exchange for helping her daughter, Laurence would be healed. Then, when the Gaul was becoming a Demigod, Dick argued with Cernunnos to take some of the pain for the other soon-to-be demigod from his visions in the form of nightmares as his mortal followers became Sybils as well.
  • Acted as his brother at an important Yakuza family dinner for Hikaru Kurosawa. Eventually, Tengu jumped them, but Dick put them all to sleep and made them dream of a day when Rich was truly the hero, stopping them all. He then, as his brother, professed his love to the man’s wife so they could actually be together.
  • Delivered the severed head to Ramiro Conti to Isatis and managed to avoid vengeance for now.

Dick McAlister

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