Julian Fuentes Atencio

Calmananipilli, Demigod of Wealth



Julian Fuentes Atencio
Player: Jenna
Calling: Builder of the Sacred
Nature: Architect
Pantheon: Atzlanti
God: Quetzalcoatl


Physical Social Mental
Strength: 5 Charisma: 5 Perception: 4
Epic: 4 Epic: 4 Epic: 4
Dexterity: 5 Manipulation: 3 Intelligence: 5
Epic: 4 Epic: 2 Epic: 4
Stamina: 5 Appearance: 3 Wits: 4
Epic: 4 Epic: 2 Epic: 3


Academics: 2 Crafts: 5 Architecture Melee: 5
Animal Ken: 1 Crafts: Occult: 3
Art: 2 3D Crafts: Politics: 1
Art: Empathy: 3 Presence: 5
Athletics: 5 Fortitude: 2 Science: 5 Physical Science
Awareness: 3 Integrity: 3 Science: 1 Life Sciences
Brawl: 2 Investigation: 2 Science:
Command: 5 Larceny: Stealth: 2
Control: 1 (Animal) Marksmanship: Survival: 1
Control: Medicine: 1 Thrown:


Associated Attribute Knack Name Description
Charisma Charmer With the sheer, raw charm this Knack represents, the Scion can smother an upwelling of panic, suspicion or utter hatred directed at her for one scene. The player need only spend a point of Legend. One scene is usually long enough to convince a person that it would be in his best interest to help the character, but it’s up to the Scion (and the player’s roleplaying) to actually say the right words. During the scene in which this Knack is in effect, the suppressed emotion doesn’t go away. It merely remains beneath the surface. If the Scion can’t set the person’s mind at ease by scene’s end, the suppressed emotion returns in full force the next time the Scion leaves the affected person’s presence.
Charisma Boys Will Be Boys This Knack, alternatively known as Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, is a character’s trusty Get Out of Jail Free card. When the character gets into trouble with some angry witness or authority figure—be it the police, a mortal parent, one’s long-suffering spouse, etc.—he need only shrug haplessly, grin foolishly or do likewise. (His player also spends a point of Legend.) At that, the offended party decides that whatever the character did wasn’t really that bad. The character gets a slap on the wrist, a stern warning or no punishment at all, depending on when he chooses to use it. This Knack doesn’t work on anyone with a higher Legend rating, though. Also, if the character wants to use it against someone with an equal Legend rating, his player must roll (Charisma + Presence + Legend) against a roll of the potential victim’s (Willpower + Integrity + Legend).
Charisma Blessing of Importance The Scion is especially good at winning people over by making them feel special and wanted. By spending a point of Legend and either sticking up for a person, calling out to him in a crowd or just giving him a secret smile, the Scion refills the person’s spent Willpower points for the scene. The Scion need not necessarily believe that the person is important or special herself. This Knack works very well on mortals, but it’s less effective on Scions, who are usually wise to their charismatic peers’ ways. For Scion recipients, the Knack refills only one point of Willpower per dot of Epic Charisma the Scion with this Knack has. A character can receive this Willpower boost only once per scene from the same Scion.
Charisma Inspirational Figure The Scion’s well-chosen words can play on humankind’s social mentality, giving hope and courage to not just one listener, but a group. The Scion gives a speech to gathered listeners—whether he’s calling upon them for help, raising their spirits after a local disaster or strengthening the bonds of community among them—and spends a single point of Legend. As long as his words are intended to inspire them in some way, every person who can hear him listens spellbound and receives a point of Willpower at the speech’s end. The only limit is that the listeners must be able to hear him clearly without him using the aid of any amplifying or broadcasting equipment. This Knack inspires other Scions as easily as mortals, but it doesn’t inspire titanspawn. Nonetheless, titanspawn are compelled to at least let him finish his speech before carrying out whatever they’re up to.
Dexterity Untouchable Opponent The Scion might as well be a ghost for all her enemies can lay a hand or a weapon on her. The Scion doubles the benefit that her Epic Dexterity dots add to her Dodge DV. She also ignores an amount of DV penalties due to unstable terrain equal to her Epic Dexterity dots. Only the normal Epic Dexterity bonus applies to the character’s Parry DV, though, and this Knack’s bonus to Dodge DV doesn’t apply if the character is merely hiding behind cover or tucked in behind a scutum like a lowly turtle. Only if the character is physically dodging the attacks that are coming her way does this Knack help her out. Activating this Knack costs one point of Legend. Its effects last for one scene.
Dexterity Whirlwind Shield Normally, no mortal or Scion can parry thrown attacks without a stunt, nor can one parry bullets at all. When a Scion has this Knack, however, he becomes the whirlwind for which it is named and can defend himself better than mortals or even his Scion peers. Upon activating the Knack, the Scion can apply his full Parry DV to attacks made with thrown items (javelins, chakrams, sling stones, etc.) or with bows or crossbows. He can knock the projectiles aside or snag them out of the air armed or unarmed, almost without thinking about it. With a stunt, the character can even try to parry bullets. He can do so only with some sort of object that can actually withstand a bullet’s impact, though—such as an iron skillet, a Birthright gauntlet or the side of his own gun’s barrel. Activating this Knack costs one point of Legend. It lasts for one scene.
Dexterity Roll With It The character’s body is so lithe and supple or so unnaturally malleable that she can bend like the greenest reed and rarely ever break. In Step Six of attack resolution (see Scion: Hero, p. 194), the player can spend one point of Legend and add a value equal to her dots in Epic Dexterity to any soak value she has that is above zero. That way, even if she can’t get entirely out of the way of an attack, she can dissipate some of the force behind the blow and mitigate some of the damage.
Dexterity Cat’s Grace This Knack imbues a Scion with the uncanny ability to remain on his feet despite treacherous terrain or an enemy’s best attempts to knock him down. For instance, a character with this Knack never suffers knockdown (see p. 198) from an attack. The player need not even roll. The character still suffers the damage, but he remains on his feet. Furthermore, a character with this Knack ignores all difficulty penalties based on unstable footing and treacherous terrain. He still suffers speed penalties for moving through ankle- to knee- deep water or mud, but his dice pools for actions taken on such terrain suffer no penalties.
Intelligence Telepathy The character’s mind is so powerful that he can think thoughts directly into other people’s brains for them. These thoughts come through in a recipient’s head as words spoken in the sender’s voice, and are recognizable as coming in from outside. The sender must be able to see the person whom he intends to address thus, and he must spend one Legend point per sent thought (i.e., per sentence). If the sender has the Multitasking Knack (from Scion: Demigod, p. 65), he can send the same thought to several people at once. The sender cannot receive telepathic information from a recipient unless the recipient also has Telepathy and spends the Legend point to use it.
Intelligence Language Mastery The Scion can understand any language that is spoken to him. Once he’s heard a few sentences, he can then speak that language back as if he grew up among native speakers. Writing the language is a bit trickier, as he can only transliterate his written words in the alphabet of his native language until someone teaches him the alphabet and punctuation of the new language. For instance, say a Scion with this Knack whose native language is English has picked up French at Orly Airport in Paris and would like to leave a thank-you note for a bartender who gave him helpful information. That Scion might write, “Mare- see du mah-vay zayday,” to express his thanks, when what he really means is, “Merci de m’avez aidé.” Likewise, reading the new language can be difficult if that language uses characters that don’t appear in an alphabet with which he is already familiar.
Intelligence Blockade of Reason Charmers and hucksters and blowhards can get their way with even the Gods themselves, as the Gods can be tricked and led astray almost as easily as mortals can. Characters with Epic Intelligence and this Knack, however, can block out even the most charming words with a simple application of reason. When some other character uses a supernatural persuasion effort—including the addition of bonus dice from an Epic Attribute—that calls for a mental resistance roll of (Willpower + Integrity + Legend), the character with this Knack can apply her bonus successes from her Epic Intelligence to that roll. Doing so costs her one Legend point per resistance roll.
Intelligence Fight With Your Head A Scion with this Knack possesses a truly superhuman sense of strategy. He anticipates an enemy’s evasions, counter-strategies and gambits with ease. He can reason around a berserker’s shock and awe or calculate a dodging foe’s final location to slip past that foe’s defenses. He can find just the right angle to slip from an opponent’s grasp, and he can see through feints and other ploys with ease. The Scion activates this Knack by selecting an opponent and spending one point of Legend. For the rest of the scene, he counteracts the automatic successes, bonus dice and similar benefits conferred by other Knacks and Boons. The total number of such bonuses counteracted cannot exceed the Scion’s automatic success from Epic Intelligence. This Knack can negate bonuses from Knacks and Boons, as well as automatic successes and bonuses from Epic Attributes themselves. It does not affect stunt bonuses or extra dice from invoking Virtues. If an opponent receives more bonuses than a Scion can counteract, the user of this Knack picks what he will negate.
Intelligence Teaching Prodigy Let you raise someone to your rank -1 in an Ability in a single montage.
Intelligence Tactical Planning Usually, personal combat relies heavily on quick thinking and razor-sharp timing. A Scion with the Tactical Planning Knack, though, thinks three moves ahead of everyone else on the battlefield. With her excellent command of the battle situation and her prepared contingency plans, she’s able to react by using a previously-developed script instead of falling back on reflexes. As long as she isn’t surprised, the Scion can choose to substitute her Intelligence score (including Epic Intelligence) for her Wits when making Join Battle rolls.
Perception Spatial Attunement The Scion is so aware of his surroundings that his other senses (primarily those of hearing and smell) compensate for his eyes in identifying nearby objects outside his line of sight. The Scion could recognize the person sneaking up on him by that person’s telltale scent and mark exactly how far away that person is by the sound of his passing. With one quick glance around the room, the Scion could mark in his mind exactly where every wall and piece of furniture is within. Having done so, he could then navigate the room with his eyes closed, even slipping through a milling crowd of people without bumping into anyone or anything. To a certain extent, the character can perceive what’s going on around him in a 360-degree arc. Also, he suffers no penalties for fighting blind as long as he can hear or smell his opponents.
Perception Predatory Focus The Scion is a hunter par excellence. With a successful (Perception + Survival) roll, he can track his prey by scent alone or by almost-invisible physical signs. With this Knack, the hunter can follow his prey across any sort of terrain as long as the prey continues to flee and does not take significant pains to mask its scent or minimize the disturbance its passing causes. (The former entails such extremes as swimming a mile upstream in a rushing river or taking refuge inside a functioning hog-rendering plant. The latter includes little short of levitating or flying.) Picking up a lost trail with this Knack requires a new (Perception + Survival) roll. If the prey has Epic Wits or a Stealth Arete (see pp. 149-150), the hunter’s roll is contested against the prey’s (Wits + Stealth).
Perception Subliminal Warning Whenever the Scion enters an area where an ambush is waiting, even if he has no reason to suspect he’s in danger, certain tiny clues set his subconscious on edge, preparing him for an attack. When the attacker finally springs the surprise assault, the Scion hears the tiniest rustle of fabric, sees the slightest flicker in his peripheral vision or feels the gentlest twitch of displaced air, and the clues he already noticed all add up. As a result, the Scion gains an extra number of dice equal to his Epic Perception on the standard (Wits + Awareness) roll to detect the ambush.
Perception Environmental Awareness The demigod is so in tune with his surroundings, that he can detect even the most minute changes around him well before anyone else. He can feel the barometric pressure rise or drop (and describe it accurately), giving him an acute sense of what the weather is going to do in the next hour. He can feel the tiniest tectonic vibrations from deep within the earth, allowing him to accurately presage an earthquake. Changes in temperature are no mystery to him either. His awareness is so complete that should some unnatural factor change one of these elements, he’s the first to notice and can even track the disturbance back to its source. Also, if enemies are lying in ambush in the nearby area and are not concealed by supernatural means, it is impossible for their surprise attack to catch the Scion unaware. The Scion may join battle and react accordingly without his player having to roll to notice the hidden attack. If he reflexively spends a point of Legend, he may call out a warning for his cohorts to be ready and react accordingly as well. As an added benefit, the Scion is unfailingly aware of the passage of time. Without even thinking about it, he can accurately say how much time has passed from any reference point that he has personally experienced.
Stamina Self-Healing The Scion’s player spends a point of Legend to repair a single level of damage. That damage can be bashing or lethal, and the healing takes place in an instant without leaving a scar. (Aggravated damage is beyond the power of this Knack to heal.) Scions who are interested in building their reputation and spreading their legends quickly find this Knack to be one of the more effective tools of doing so, as bruises, lacerations and bullet holes vanish before astonished onlookers’ eyes.
Stamina Damage Conversion The Scion can spend a single point of Legend to convert all the lethal damage from a single attack into bashing damage, though an overload of bashing damage still upgrades existing bashing damage to lethal (see p. 197). This Knack cannot convert aggravated damage into anything less grave. The character cannot convert old lethal damage into bashing damage. The Knack works only on incoming damage from a single attack.
Stamina Body Armor The Scion’s body is so tough that, even unarmed, he can parry close-combat attacks that would inflict lethal damage. If a berserker hopped up on Jotunblut or a thrall full of eitr tries to split the Scion’s skull with a fi re ax, the Scion can take the blow on his forearm and knock it aside without serious injury. (That assumes the character’s Parry DV is sufficient to cancel out the attack roll’s successes, of course.) While that benefit remains in effect all the time, the Scion can also engage a temporary one that offers even more protection. With the expenditure of a Legend point, a measure of the Scion’s ichor wells up from within and coats the Scion’s body. This coating hardens into a gleaming, metallic armor that’s no thicker than a hair’s breadth. This armor has a bashing and lethal soak equal to the character’s Legend, and it inflicts a mobility penalty of only -1. The ichor coating is thin enough to fi t comfortably beneath one’s clothing, so it adds its protective value to that of any other armor the character might already be wearing. Natural armor from this Knack lasts for only one scene and disintegrates at the scene’s end.
Stamina Regeneration Regeneration repairs the severe damage that’s too serious for its prerequisite Knack to heal. For a point of Legend, the Scion can automatically heal a single level of aggravated damage. With this Knack, he can also perform such miraculous feats as regenerating a destroyed limb, extremity or eye. Doing so costs one Legend point per body part so restored.
Stamina Impenetrable When a character achieves this Knack, it upgrades the thin metallic armor that activating its prerequisite provides. When the character spends his Legend point to activate his armor, it retains its bashing and lethal soak equal to his Legend and adds an aggravated soak equal to half his Legend. What’s more, it ignores (i.e., trumps) the Piercing quality of any weapons and physical attacks that have it. Finally, he can extend this armor sheathe around any article of clothing he’s wearing, though not any handheld or bulky worn item he might be using. A zoot suit, including the hat, would be fine; an astronaut’s EVA suit would be a bit much.
Strength Holy Rampage The Scion is especially good at breaking inanimate objects. When he spends a point of Legend and applies his full might to breaking something — whether he’s punching it, kicking it or throwing his shoulder against it — the item’s Hardness is halved against the attack. This bonus applies only when the character attempts to break an inanimate object that is either freestanding or under his control. If someone else has control of the object in question, the Scion must take it from him first.
Strength Uplifting Might The Scion can lift and hold tremendous loads that would stagger even other Scions with Epic Strength. After checking the character’s lift capacity on the “Feats of Strength” table then adjusting that capacity based on the character’s Epic Strength, this Knack (and the expenditure of one point of Legend) doubles that lift capacity. This Knack doesn’t affect a character’s ability to break or throw an object.
Strength Armor Crusher Prerequisite Knack: Holy Rampage (Scion: Hero, p. 126) The raw power of the Scion’s attacks now allows him not only to break through obstacles and walls, but to slam right through armor. The Scion simply channels his legendary might, then uses brute force to shatter enemy defenses and tear through shields, armored plates and vests with ease. While this Knack is active, the Scion’s melee attacks all gain the Piercing quality. Activating this Knack costs five points of Legend. Its effects last for one scene.
Strength Divine Rampage When a demigod with this Knack wants to break something, that thing is not long for this world. Like Holy Rampage, this Knack aids in the character’s attempt to destroy an inanimate object. If the target object is not under his control — such as a weapon or armor that someone else happens to be using — its Hardness and soak are considered to be halved when the Scion attempts to break it. If the target object is freestanding or under the Scion’s control, the object’s Hardness and soak are considered to be 0 against the Scion’s attack. Using this Knack costs one Legend point per action.
Wits Instant Assessment With a quick glance, and the expenditure of one Legend point, the Scion can size up a foe with whom he intends to join battle. This assessment comes across in terms of how the foe’s combat abilities compare to the Scion’s own. He gets a sense of whether the foe has more or fewer dots of Physical Attributes (Epic and otherwise) than he does. The same goes for their relative number of dots in Brawl, Marksmanship, Melee and Thrown, as well as their relative Join Battle dice pools and their soak totals. Also, if some power or special quality renders the foe especially vulnerable or completely invulnerable to something to which the Scion has ready access, the Scion gets a sense of that as well. What the Scion decides to do with this information is up to him. This information occurs reflexively to the Scion who uses the Knack, and he may assess as many foes automatically as he spends points of Legend.
Wits Talent Mirror The character can do anything at least as well as he saw someone else do it. If he watches someone perform an activity and he spends at least two Legend points when he sees it, he can later perform that same action himself, substituting the dice pool of the character he watched for his own pool of the same (Attribute + Ability). He doesn’t get any bonus successes from Epic Attributes the other character might have used, but he can supplement a mirrored roll with bonus successes from his own Epic Attributes (even if he has no dots in the Ability in question). The character can also use another character’s Dodge DV or Parry DV in place of his own. The character with this Knack can use a copied dice pool or DV one time per pair of Legend points he spent when he witnessed the more skilled character. He can copy as many separate dice pools as he can afford to, as long as the total number does not exceed his Legend. The same goes for copied DVs. He can copy a DV a maximum number of times equal to his Legend.
Wits Monkey In The Middle When multiple attackers gang up on a single opponent, their combined efforts can disconcert and intimidate even the best trained martial artist. A character with this Knack, however, keeps his cool despite how high the odds might be stacked against him. As a result, he suffers no coordinated attack penalty or onslaught penalty in combat when multiple attackers try to rush him all at once.
Appearance Serpent’s Gaze When the Scion spends a point of Legend, the person whom she’s trying to affect locks eyes with her and is unable to look away. For combat purposes, the victim is rendered Inactive until the Scion breaks eye contact. The Scion can still act, but she must take a second action in order to do so, maintaining eye contact as a diceless action. (As a result, she suffers a 2 penalty for any other action she takes.) This Knack works equally well whether the Scion’s Epic Appearance involves beauty or its opposite. Characters of lesser Legend are unable to break the Scion’s gaze on their own, but those with an equal or greater Legend are not so vulnerable. After the Scion using the Knack takes one full action, the equal or higher-Legend victim may spend a point of Willpower to negate the effect. In so doing, he remains immune to the effect from the same Scion for the rest of the scene.
Appearance Center of Attention Whether he’s Hugh Jackman on the set of The View or the Phantom of the Opera going unmasked at the masquerade ball, the Scion commands the attention of everyone in the room. This Knack is best used when making an important entrance, but it can also serve as a wonderful broad-spectrum distraction. The character walks into a room, the player spends a point of Legend, and all eyes in the room (as well as the eyes of people watching remotely via live security camera broadcast) turn the character’s way. For every Legend point spent, the character can hold everyone’s attention for a number of minutes equal to his Epic Appearance dots. The onlookers can carry on with what they’re doing and keep talking among themselves, but their attention remains fixed on the Scion. Titanspawn and Scions can resist this Knack. They may spend a point of Willpower to direct their attention elsewhere. Should the Scion with Epic Appearance spend another point of Legend to continue the effect over subsequent sets of minutes, the resisting party must spend matching amounts of Willpower to keep from being distracted.
Manipulation Blurt It Out This Knack represents a gift for making people speak their minds. Scions who have it normally corner a person who has information they want, strike up a conversation, direct that conversation toward the information in question, then pry it loose when it’s top of mind. Others confront victims who are surrounded by family, friends or coworkers, in order to make those victims admit damning information when it will do the most harm. The Scion’s player must spend a point of Legend to activate the Knack, and the information must have legitimately come up in conversation. The Scion cannot simply shout “J’accuse!” then use Blurt It Out to force a random confession from a guilty person. (The declamatory French comes only after the Scion uses Blurt It Out effectively.) Regardless, a victim still has a slim chance to catch himself before bringing disaster crashing down. The victim’s player rolls (Willpower + Integrity + Legend) against a difficulty equal to (the Scion’s Epic Manipulation + 1). If this roll succeeds, the player may then spend a point of Willpower to avert the slip of the tongue.
Manipulation Overt Order Sometimes, the direct method is more effective than the cleverest of intricate schemes. With this Knack, a Scion barks out a command that the target must obey. Doing so costs one Willpower, and the command must be one the Scion can give and the victim can perform in a single action. “Freeze!” is acceptable, as is, “Don’t shoot!” or, “Shoot him!” Ordering someone to go home and shoot his wife won’t work because doing so would take longer than a single action. A victim of this Knack can interpret the command loosely to make it not directly suicidal, but not if all he’s trying to do is keep out of trouble. For example, if a victim draws a gun and the Scion commands him to shoot himself, the victim can shoot himself in the hand or the foot rather than blowing his own brains out. Same thing goes if a Scion uses this Knack at a seedy pool hall to command a smarmy drug dealer to pick a fight with a burly ex-con at the next table. The dealer might reasonably believe that the ex-con could kill him, but he still can’t weasel out of the command. He doesn’t have to walk up and take a swing at the guy, but he still has to do something, such as singing out a racial slur or throwing a beer bottle at the guy’s girlfriend. The dealer can cheese it immediately, but he’s still got to pick the fight first.


Purview Rank Name Effect
Earth 1 Safely Interred Dice Pool: None
Cost: None
Whether the character is caught up in a landslide, buried in a shallow grave by the roadside or trapped in the rubble of a collapsing building, he need not fear the earth’s embrace as long as he has his Earth Birthright. No amount of collapsing rubble can break the Scion’s bones (or the Birthright itself), and he won’t suffocate no matter how much dirt piles onto him. If he lacks the strength to free himself, however, he does run the risk of either starving to death or dying of thirst if no one digs him out. Yet, it would not be the earth that kills him, but his own lack of fortitude.
Earth 2 Echo Sounding Dice Pool: Perception + Awareness
Cost: None
By stomping or otherwise knocking on the earth, the Scion gets a sense of its general composition and density, as well as finding holes or caves beneath the surface. If he’s looking for something specific in the earth—such as gold, oil or a human body—this Boon reveals its distance from him and depth from the epicenter at the expense of the other information. The Boon works only at ground level or on the up-thrust surface of a mountainside, but it works through floors and pavement. It gives the Scion a semispherical reading with a radius equal to one half mile per dot of Legend.
Earth 3 Shaping Dice Pool: Dexterity + Craft (to shape)
Cost: 1 Legend
The Scion can sculpt stone, concrete, fired clay or metal with his bare hands. When he spends the point of Legend, the substance becomes malleable like wet clay for as long as he touches it. With a successful (Dexterity + Craft) roll by his player, the Scion can shape it into any form his nimble fingers can produce. The Scion can affect up to one cubic foot of material at a time. Once he breaks contact with the substance he is shaping, it loses all malleability and sets in its new form.
Guardian 1 Warning Line Dice Pool: Perception + Awareness
Cost: 1 Legend
The Scion traces a line across the ground, along a doorway or over some other opening. The line can be as long as the Scion wishes to make it, so long as she traces the entire line in one pass. At the end, she names a creature. This can be as specific or as general as she wishes: “titanspawn,” “mortals,” “any animal smaller than a rat” and “Kane Taoka” are all valid examples. If a creature of that sort crosses the line, the Scion immediately becomes aware of it. There’s no limit to the number of Warning Lines that a Scion can have drawn at once, and she can intuitively tell the difference between any of them. (That is, if she has three different Warning Lines active, she knows which one was tripped at any given time). A Warning Line remains effective for a number of days equal to the player’s activation roll.
Guardian 1 Vigil Brand Dice Pool: Perception + Empathy (to check up)
Cost: 1 Legend (to brand)
The Scion touches a person, an object or the entrance to a location and lays a mystical brand there that marks that subject as being under her protection. (Doing so costs one Legend.) Thereafter, whenever that subject is in physical danger (as determined by the Storyteller), the Scion receives a reflexive intuition to that effect. Should her player then succeed on a (Perception + Empathy) roll, she gains a clearer understanding of the subject’s condition, location and current situation. The Scion can also use this Boon to check up on a subject at any time, but only one subject at a time. A Scion cannot brand herself with this Boon, but she can brand as many other subjects as she pleases. A subject can be branded by more than one Scion at the same time. Each brand is unique to the Scion who made it.
Guardian 2 Aegis Dice Pool: Stamina + Fortitude
Cost: 1 Legend + 1 Willpower
By touching a mortal or an object, the Scion grants it a measure of divine physical protection. Her player spends one Legend and Willpower then rolls (Stamina + Fortitude), adding her usual bonuses. Successes on this roll then apply to the subject of the Scion’s protection as a temporary Hardness rating for the next 24 hours.
Guardian 3 Ward Dice Pool: Stamina + Fortitude
Cost: 1 Legend + 1 Willpower
By touching the entrance to a location, the Scion lays a ward on the area that bars entrance to a certain type of threat. Such a ward could bar ghosts, walking dead, a breed of titanspawn, human beings, lesser animals or Scions. The ward acts as a sphere with a circumference area equal to 500 square feet per dot of Legend the Scion has. It lasts for one day per success garnered by the (Stamina + Fortitude) roll. The Scion can ward an area against as many different types of threats as she wants, but each threat requires its own activation roll and expenditure. (In effect, she must stack multiple wards on the same area.) Characters with more Legend than the Scion who laid down the ward can attempt to batter their way through the perimeter, thus destroying the ward. The ward can take a number of health levels of damage equal to ([the Scion’s Legend x 5] + [activation roll successes]), and it has a Hardness rating equal to the Scion’s Legend.
Guardian 4 Unseen Shield Dice Pool: Stamina + Fortitude
Cost: 2 Legend + 1 Willpower
The Scion concentrates and projects an invisible, semi-spherical shield of pure force around herself and those she’s trying to protect. The base of this shield can be as big as 500 square feet in area (about 13 feet in radius) per dot of Legend the character has, though she can keep it smaller. Ghosts, spirits and physical beings of lesser Legend than the Scion cannot penetrate this shield. If such a being has an equal or higher Legend rating (and can bring a physical force to bear), it can attempt to batter the shield apart with physical attacks. The shield can take a number of health levels of damage equal to [the Scion’s (Legend x 5) + activation roll successes], and it has an all-purpose Hardness rating equal to the Scion’s Legend. Unless some enemy’s effort shatters it, the shield lasts for one scene. Once the Scion produces it, she can move around freely within. She can also adjust the shield’s size during the scene, though moving the boundary exerts a physical force that pushes people and objects in contact with it.
Itzli 1 Maguey Sting Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 lethal health level
By piercing her flesh with a maguey thorn, an obsidian blade, a surgical scalpel or even just a rusty straight pin, the Scion sheds a portion of her blood. This blood serves as a token offering to her divine parent, who rewards her with a single point of Legend. The Scion may perform this sacrifice only once per day
Itzli 2 Combat Sacrifice Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Willpower
The Scion stands unflinching before her raging enemies, sacrificing her safety in the name of her Legend. In combat, the character spends a point of Willpower to psych herself up for an action that might seem damn foolish. The player then sacrifices points of DV against an incoming attack, effectively making the character easier to hit. She can sacrifice no more points of DV than she has dots of Legend. If the attack hits her as a result of this reduced DV and inflicts even a single point of damage, the Scion receives a number of points of Legend equal to the DV penalty she forced upon herself. (Only those points of DV the player intentionally sacrificed count.)
The character can use this Boon as many times as she wants in combat—if she’s a masochist—but the granted Legend points cannot exceed the character’s standard maximum.
Justice 1 Judgment Dice Pool: Perception + Empathy
Cost: None
This Boon aids a Scion immensely in determining guilt, one of the foundations of meting out justice. When she confronts someone she suspects committed an injustice and accuses that person of having done so, her player rolls (Perception + Empathy). (This roll isn’t modified by supernatural powers or contested by the suspect’s player.) On a success, the Scion can intuitively tell whether the suspect is guilty as charged. A failure yields an indeterminate reading and means that the Scion can’t try to determine the same subject’s guilt for 24 hours. A botch yields a false reading.
Psychopomp 1 Unerring Orientation Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend
In a locale she knows well, such as her hometown or a national park she visits every autumn, the Scion knows how to get from any point within to any other point. In an unfamiliar locale, her sense of direction defaults to a standard compass rose. Should someone give her correct directions in an unfamiliar locale, she retains them thereafter. If she studies a map of an unfamiliar city for five minutes, that information remains imprinted on her mind until she leaves that city for longer than a week.
For the cost of one Legend, the Boon can also reveal to a Scion how far away and in what direction the location she considers home lies. Alternatively, if the Scion finds herself in a strange place—if she’s been drugged and kidnapped, for instance—this Boon can tell her how far she is and in what direction she traveled from the last place she wasn’t lost.
Psychopomp 2 Where Are You? Dice Pool: Intelligence + Awareness
Cost: None
If someone makes remote contact with a Scion (by telephone, instant messenger, telepathy…), the Scion gets a sense of how far away he is and in what direction. She might not be able to direct the person to her location, but she can follow her nose right to the location whence the contact originated. The sensation remains even after the period of contact ends, but it doesn’t follow the person around if that person moves. It can only lead a Scion to where the communication ended.
Psychopomp 3 Unbarred Entry Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend
The Scion can pass through a solid surface as if either she or it were intangible. She can pass through only as much space as she could cross in a single step— through a wall or a locked door, for instance—and doing so is a simple action. All the Scion’s clothing and items make the transition with her, but she can’t pull anyone else along behind. If the solid surface is too thick for her to be able to pass through, it remains as solid to her as it does to everyone else. This Boon doesn’t literally make the Scion intangible, however, so she can’t use it in combat to avoid damage or to step through a ring of fire without being burned.
Psychopomp 4 Spirit Lamp Dice Pool: Charisma + Occult
Cost: 2 Legend
The Scion tunes up her mystic resonance and unleashes her Legend energy to become a beacon to ghosts, spirits and strange wandering energies. For a range of miles equal to the threshold successes times the Scion’s Legend, she stands out to everything in the spirit world. Spirits come and cluster around her, and ghosts seek out the Scion for guidance.
While the Scion may not necessarily have any special control over ghosts (that’s the function of the Death Purview) nor does the power compel the attendance of spirits (also a function of the Death Purview), her role as a Psychopomp becomes clear: Any spirit can tell with a glance that the Scion serves as an intermediary between the World and other realms, with the power to guide people on their journeys. Spirits and ghosts that see the Scion’s radiance can choose how to respond, but the Scion’s glow is clearly visible to them, even through barriers.
Better still, if the Scion happens to be in the Underworld, her radiance is visible to everyone there, including herself, although its range drops to feet instead of miles. Anyone in the Scion’s radiance in the Underworld gains a bonus equal to the Scion’s Legend rating on any roll to notice hazards or pitfalls and to avoid the deleterious effects of hanging out in the land of the dead, such as the gray leaching effect that mythically strikes inhabitants of Hades. Thus, the Scion can serve as a guide for her Band, illuminating the way through the Underworld and helping them to avoid the pitfalls therein.
Moon 1 Smoking Mirror Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend
By looking up at the moon and spending the requisite Legend point, the character sees reflected in it a bird’s-eye view of the surrounding terrain. This perspective allows a clear view of a radius in miles equal to the Scion’s Legend. The Scion may focus on any point in the reflection and see it clearly, but he can’t see through physical objects or change the angle from the top-down perspective. This Boon doesn’t function on new moon nights, but it can see down through thick clouds on any other night. If the moon is visible during the day, the Scion can use this Boon then as well.
Death 1 Death Senses Dice Pool: None
Cost: None
The Scion can see ghosts even when those ghosts don’t choose to manifest. To her, ghosts are livid, physical presences, sensible to feeling as to sight (as well as smell and hearing). She still can’t harm the fragile ectoplasmic shell of a ghost who hasn’t manifested, however. The sense of touch this Boon grants is illusory. If the Scion tries to exert enough pressure to cause damage or restrain the ghost, her hand passes through it. The Scion can also look at a dead body and know what killed it, if that cause isn’t already obvious. The answer she gets is somewhat generic (the reading would tell her a person had been poisoned, for instance, but not by what poison), but it’s conclusive despite the presence of falsified or misleading evidence. Generic causes of death include suffocation, drowning, poison, burns, internal trauma, bleeding, hunger, thirst, exposure, illness, heart attack and old age.
Animal (Dragon) 1 Animal Communication Dice Pool: Intelligence + Animal Ken
Cost: None
The Scion can understand and make himself understood by an animal as he speaks his native language and the animal responds with its own postures, scents and/or vocalizations. This Boon doesn’t make animals smart, calm or loyal, but most are curious enough about having a person address them that they’ll hear a Scion out before defaulting to aggression, panic or indifference.


  • Conviction: 2
  • Courage: 4
  • Duty: 1
  • Loyalty: 4

Derived Stats

  • Health: -0, -0, -0, -0, -0, -1, I
  • Soak: 7B, 6L, 3A
  • Armor: 3B, 1L, 1A (Tilma) -1 Mobility | 4B, 4L (Body Armor)
  • DDV: 9 (13)
  • PDV: 7 (Unarmed), 8 (Knife or Macuahuitl)
  • Join Battle: 6 (2 Auto)
  • Movement: 7
  • Dash: 13
  • Climb: 4
  • Swim: 4
  • Vertical Jump: 8
  • Horizontal Jump: 16
  • Without Food/Sleep:
  • Without Water:
  • Strenuous Activity:
  • Hold Breath:


  • Relics
    • Macuahuitl (Relic) 5 = Death, Psychopomp, Can attack immaterial beings, Piercing, -1 Speed [Macuahuitl stats] (+0 Acc, +3B/L, Speed 4, Piercing)
    • Sacrificial Knife (Relic) 4 = Guardian, Health, Justice, Summons Golden Dragon [Hadseax stats]
    • Tepeyollotl’s Tilma (Relic) 5 = Animal (Jaguar), Earth, Unique Power to Return Anyone who wears it to the Prime of Life [+1 To all values on Hide armor stats]
    • The Hungry Bowl (Relic) 5 = Moon, Doubles the gains from Itzli if poured into the bowl, Unlimited supply of blood
    • Red Rune Ring (Relic) 3: Summons Dragon Sword, War, Fire
    • Dragon Sword (Relic) 5: Animal (Dragon), Deals Aggravated to Dragons, 3 Accuracy over Katana stats (4 Acc, +5L, Def +1, Speed 5)
  • Creatures
    • Golden Dragon (Creature) 5 = Legend 4 Coatl with Nemean Template
  • Guides
    • Reyes (Guide) 4 = High Legend Camazotz
    • Veronica Pilar (Guide) 2 = Sybil
  • Followers
    • Hidden Folk (Followers 3): Base stats of Generic Thugs, albeit with Fortitude 4, Crafts 3, and the first 2 boons from Earth. Each is Legend 3. The Dwarf is able to forge relics from appropriate materials. The kobolds are able to… reproduce. The solvmora also can control Earth as if it were the Water 2 boon.
    • Followers (Calmananipilli Cult) 2

Unique Powers

  • Midas Touch – It functions similar to Moon 2 Silver Blessing except you turn whatever it is literally to gold. Only works on material objects.

Other Equipment

  • Medusa Antivenom x16

Health and Trackable Things

_ | _ | _ | _ | _ | _ | _ |7
  • Legend: 5
  • Willpower: 8/8
  • Legend Point: 11/25

Visitation and Act 1

  • Went to his uncle’s funeral. Was given his birthrights by Alejandro Cairo/Anubis. Met Numa Hibiki at the funeral.
  • Veronica took Julian to the well, where she first showed her prophetic abilities. Julian climbed into the well and met the Luck Dragon, promising to make the area round his well shiny in return for not being eaten.
  • Crawled underground, meeting a golem, and killed cultists that were sacrificing virgins to a ‘serpent of obsidian knives’. Found the Hungry Bowl.
  • Bled into the bowl and encountered his ??? Guide. Promised to find and kill the heir of Hernán Cortez.
  • Went to the beach and met Donnell once they fought some crocodile monsters together. Drank together and was brought to the speakeasy for the first time. Got vigil branded by Donnell.
  • Went to a mausoleum and found an entrance to the Undercity. Met Khadija and her daughter. Offered to find the golden shroud that the Drujs (demons) had stolen. The Inquisition also has a chalice that could heal the undead.
  • Met Rey at the speakeasy. The next day went on a date with him.
  • Went to check on Leo and found out he was titanspawn, one of Centzonhuitznahua and father Mixcoatl. Brought Leo home and started the quest to fix him.
  • Took Leo to the bar, met Nicolau there. Managed to resist his siren’s song.
  • Rey helped him figure out that Leo needed to be adopted. Satyrs at the bar offered to set up a meeting with Dionysus is Julian killed the vampire Enriqueta Martí Ripollés.
  • Went to the Casa Admiral and met Simone Belrose. From there he followed a kid to Enriqueta’s home. Nearly lost his life, but Donnell came and helped him kill her. Afterwards they met two vampires of the Inquisition that promised to kill Julian in three nights.
  • After Leo tried to get involved while Rey and Julian were fucking, Rey attacked Leo. In a desperate attempt to save Leo he offered his blood to his ??? Guide. She healed him, but changed his body in the process, demanding 12 innocents sacrificed to her in return.
  • Met Alejandro Reyes and Marina at the speakeasy and swore loyalty to him, spending the night in his pyramid.
  • Rey, Leo, and Julian traveled to Andurra to meet Dionysus at a rave. Dionysus agreed to adopt Leo and make him whole, if Julian goes to Turkey and builds a golden temple made from the sand of the Pactolus river.
  • Rey and Julian hopped a ride with Donnell to Turkey, where they managed to convince people to help them mine from the river and build the temple. It ended up becoming a holy place, and Dionysus was pleased with it. He gave Julian a gift of Minos’ Touch, and agreed to adopt Leo.

Act 2

  • Visited Leo on the way home to Barcelona, and found out that he had went on a date with Queen Meira of Andorra.
  • Went to check on the Luck Dragon and was given his money clip relic.
  • Had a romantic date with Rey, where they finally made up and admitted that they loved each other—and that Rey wanted to marry him. The next morning Rey agreed to form a band with Julian.
  • Met with Sebastian, who agreed to consider joining the band if Julian found some way to protect his people from the vampires terrorizing them.
  • Ran into Numa at a cemetery. Destroyed some zombies and fought a mistwraith together. Numa was impressed enough to agree to join the band as an assassin.
  • Reyes was pissed that Julian had been away for so long, but after taking some blood as a sacrifice Julian was forgiven. There was a night of serving as his slave, meeting politicians, then Reyes agreed not to kill Sebastian’s people so long as they wore a mark around their neck to identify them.
  • Rey had a vision of something happening in the catacombs of Paris, so they went on a ‘romantic vacation’ to go investigate. Met Micah and Dick there, and the four of them fell through a trap gateway to Svartalfheim, the realm of the svartálfar, dark elves. Rey was badly injured in the fall. Julian and Dick went to investigate, Dick impersonating a dark elf. Julian ended up bribing a dwarf to come help Rey.
  • Once Rey was healed enough to move they ended up luckily running into Dick and Micah, the prior forcing them to pretend to be slaves. They figured out that they needed a relic to open the gateway to get home, so Micah made a temporary one and they fought their way back out.
  • After a heartfelt talk where Rey dedicated himself as Julian’s shield bearer, Rey and Julian returned to the catacombs, caving in the areas claimed by the dark elves and killing any who opposed them. Julian took on some slaves for himself.
  • Julian lingered in Paris for an extra week to help Dick and his band renovate their terra incognita.
  • Once home, he quit his job. Went to the well with Veronica and got the following predictions: “Where will I find the Heir of Cortez?” “There are many. You have them in your shadow, following your steps, at your periphery. You have one even before you as the shell of Fate itself. You will return to one of these places and find them again.” Also learned that helping the Obsidian Butterfly will cause the world to change, and bring pain to those I love, but so will not helping her. Also the Obsidian Butterfly is Itzpaplotl.
  • Met with Leo at a strip club, and properly was introduced to his ‘girlfriend’, Felipa. Learned that the medusae have been going nuts lately.
  • Bought 12 ‘innocent’ slaves from Reyes, and ritually sacrificed them to Itzpaplotl.
  • Went back to Sebastian and told him about the deal with Reyes. Sebastian agreed to join the band officially.
  • Went to a punk bar and met Jayesh after a bar brawl. After debating politics and a night of passion Jay agreed to give the band a go as well, which officially founded the Gilded Sovereigns.
  • Rey had lunch with Julian’s mother and asked if he could marry Julian. Gave her a bunch of cattle. Mother was very upset and confused.
  • Ripped out his own heart so that Sebastian could forge some armor for Rey, helping to make their connection even closer.
  • Gathered the whole band to meet Leo and Felipa in the garment district to investigate the medusae. Ended up finding Leo with his mind broken and Felipa turned to stone. Met Luciana the medusa, who told them that the magic lotion that kept the medusae beautiful had run out, so they were turning back to their titanspawn urges.
  • Numa was sent to assassinate some more medusae, Sebastian watched over Leo and Felipa, and Julian, Rey, and Jayesh went into Inquisition territory to visit Simone Belrose. They managed to sneak into the speakeasy and stride past the vampires. Simone confirmed that it was the vampire Julian had killed that was making the lotion. If he can manage to find the recipe and recreate it, then she agreed to try to distribute it. Also warned him about the two true immortal medusae that had come to town, Stheno and Eurydale, one of which turned Felipa to stone. Also gave him the number for Massimo Dutti, a famous medusae fashion designer.
  • The trio were not so lucky getting out of Inquisition territory. They fought several of them and the odds became against them. Rey was nearly killed, and Donnell was summoned when they became overwhelmed. In an attempt to escape Jayesh used magic to get them a way out. It worked, but it resulted in a dragon being awakened by stone. Julian took one of the vampires hostage and claimed a relic sword and ring.
  • Julian gathered the band+Donnell together, also recruiting the Camazotz and the Luck Dragon. The Luck Dragon and Camazotz managed to keep the dragon busy while the band prepared, but it resulted in the Luck Dragon and Marina dying. Numa nearly died when the dragon fell along with her, but Leo managed to save her. While Jayesh led the maddened mob into overwhelming the dragon, Julian managed to slay it using the sword of Saint George.
  • Julian took the corpse of the Luck Dragon and placed it upon the hill where his well was, turning the corpse to stone and shaping it so that it was a beautiful and noble memorial to the fallen dragon.
  • Afterwards he spent the night with Donnell, learning more about him and placing a vigil brand upon him.

Act 3

Julian Fuentes Atencio

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